6 New Apple Products To Expect In Apple’s Event On October 22nd!


On October 22nd, Apple will be hosting a new product launch event.  Apple loves to prepare lovely products for us and this event wont be an exception!

The list below is what we should expect in Apple’s new product lineup! Every time Apple prepares to release a whole new set of products, the world stands still to see what they will be.  We already have some assumptions on the different lineups.  There should be new iPads, new Macbook’s and other new products that are more then likely to hit the Apple pipeline soon after this October 22nd event!


New Apple TV

The rumor mill has it that some new features are on its way to the Apple TV.  These features including a new model may be seen in this new product lineup!  Were all excited about the current possibilities within the Apple TV.  Apple will be exploiting them in the next few years in it’s suggestions and new product upgrades.

New iPod Touch

There may be new colors of the iPod Touch that will be seen.  Apple may not decide to upgrade these devices, however it is likely that something may change and a new iPod touch will appear.  Only time will tell for the Oct. 22nd event to show us what Apple truly does have in store for us!

New Mac Pro

You can see Apple already showing off their new and innovative cylindrical Mac Pro on their website Apple.com.  This will most likely be one of the bigger launches.  It is changing the way desktop computing has been done for ages.  The round design features better air flow among many other aspects that make it a world class dominating desktop machine!

New OS X Mavericks

Mavericks is another operating system by Mac.  It has been showcased on the Apple website and most likely will be officially launched for download sometime this October.  Most likely on the 22nd.  Apple continues to merge iOS with the desktop OS X.  Some say the next release may merge it even more something like this:  iOS 7 and Mac OS X Combined.

New and Upgraded Macbook Pros

The new Haswell generation of Intel chips were upgraded in the Macbook Air laptops from Apple.  It also seems evident that the new Macbook Pro’s will also be upgrade with a like chip or possibly a better chip of the same generation. Haswell‘s improved efficiency also would give the new Macbook Pro family higher battery life time.  We all want better battery life.  This seems to be an essential upgrade that we all hope comes in the new release of the Macbook.  The release may not be this October 22nd, however some analysts say that there will be an upgrade in the Macbook Pro family.  Keep your ears in tuned to Vault Feed for more news as Apple’s event unfolds new products for us!

New iPad Mini Photos

The iPad mini will most likely be upgraded.  The images below are just some more of the the iPad mini that will most likely be launched this coming October 22nd in Apple’s event.  You can see the images below.

New iPads and Retina iPad Mini!

The new iPad lineup is questionable.  Some say that we will get Touch ID functionality, however the possibilities are limitless.  The iPad mini will most likely be upgraded to feature a new retina display.  The other iPads will most likely be upgraded to a new processor or perhaps not at all?  We do know that the iPad mini needs an upgrade.  Many people have complained about the screen resolution on the iPad mini.  The iPad mini still sold like hot cakes, however with the new iPad mini ready to launch this 22nd of October we will all see an upgrade of the display!  The Touch ID is also another aspect that many of us are dreaming of, however its for certain that this will happen.  We will however see a new and upgraded iPad mini.

new-ipad-mini-retina new-apple-ipad-linup new-ipads-apple-event-22nd-october new-mini-apple


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