Submit and share your photos taken on your iPhone or smartphone for a chance to Win!

Many of us like to take pictures on our iPhones, Androids, or really any Smartphone or tablet.  Here’s your chance to get featured as the Photo Of The Week on the VaultFeed!  If you get featured as the Photo Of The Week, your photo will posted on the VaultFeed home page with a 200-500 word review from our professional in-house photographer.

You will also have a chance to get featured with your name on ALL of our social media outlets.  There is a good chance that over 70,000 people will see your featured Photo Of The Week!  

To begin, submit your best smartphone Photo bellow!

Photo Requirements for submission:

  • Your photos must be taken with an iPhone, smartphone, or tablet camera.  No professional cameras or it would defeat the point! ;).
  • Your photos should be quality.  Images not representing a high level of quality may be rejected.  For more info visit StackExchange.
  • Your photos can make use of filters on your iPhone, or iPad, or android device to enhance quality or manipulate representation!
  • You must describe any filters, iPhone apps, and photo manipulation actions used in the making of the photo.
  • You must have all rights for the image you submit.  If you use someone else’s photo you need their personal permission.
  • Your photo should NOT contain ANY inappropriate content or it will not be submitted!
  • You may only submit one image one time per week per person attached to a Facebook account.
  • Your submission should contain the appropriate tags and description for higher visibility.
  • Please include the location of the photo, so our visitors can see exactly where it was taken.
  • Please include a description AND your name.

Photo Grading Criteria:

  • Your photo will be graded on its technical and aesthetic qualities.
  • Your photo will be graded on the use of composition via: Lines, patterns, symmetry, texture, and depth of field.  For more info visit: PhotographySchool.
  • Your photo will be graded on your creative usage of filters and apps on your smartphone.
  • Your photo may be graded on its emotional appeal and content that makes it “special”, “creative”, or “unique.”
  • Your photo may be graded on the number of views that the image has received.  Share your image and you have a greater likelihood of winning!


Please select and upload an image that was taken on your iPhone, iPad, or any other smartphone! All others will be able to vote for your image! If you win, you will be featured in the "Smartphone Photo Of The Week" section on the main page of our site!

Terms of use and privacy policy:

  • You may only submit one image one time per week per person attached to a Facebook account.
  • Your images will be seen by thousands of people.
  • Your image may be shared on all of our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StubleUpon, and other social media accounts for maximum image visibility and traffic!
  • You must have the right to your own image that you decide to post.
  • Anyone can win, however having excellent photos will increase your odds at winning the Photo Of The Week award.
  • Anyone can see your name and image on the web.
  • If you have friends vote and comment on your photo and link in to your photo on our site it will increase your chances at winning the Photo Of The Week.
  • If your photo is featured on the VaultFeed as Photo Of The Week, You may be presented a badge with your image and date as an accomplishment medal that you can showcase with your images on your blog, or website.
  • Your image should NOT contain ANY inappropriate content.
  • Have fun shooting some pictures and editing them for our Photo Of The Week award!