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We specialized in technology news relating to smartphone and other areas of technology news. We will at times post tips on technology or related content to our site. All articles are lengthily, unique, and written by real humans. We love cutting edge technology news and want to give that to others viewers as well!  The main majority of our content is technology news, however similar to news publication, Gizmodo, we also post tips, reviews, or how to guides on tech related subjects.  We we’re recently featured on many news sites such as TheNextWeb, Daily Mail, and The Register for backing up the recent Microsoft iPhone Parody that was quickly removed by Microsoft.  We continue to strive to cover news worthy of attribution on sites of authority.  Check the VaultFeed daily for locked on tech news!

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Here at the VaultFeed its important that we bring you timely technology news every day.  We pride ourselves in breaking news before many other news publications do.  If you are interested in joining our news team, please contact us via information provided above.  Please include “writing position” in the headline of your message.

Most Recent Influential Attributions

Below are the places where we were mentioned as a source or within an article or online news publication.  We will continue to update the list as we receive the coverage.  If you are interested in press or media exposure opertunities, please contact us via information provided above.


Microsoft posts cringeworthy Windows Phone video ads mocking Apple

The Next Web ‎- by Ken Yeung ‎- Sep 13, 2013 – Microsoft’s Windows Phone team posted today a rather cringeworthy Windows Phone video on YouTube …


The Verge ‎- Sep 17, 2013 – Microsoft’s latest volley in its advertising war on Apple has proved more of a backfire — and now the company has officially …

Microsoft mocks Apple and new iPhones in vids it quickly pulls

Register ‎- September 16, 2013 – Microsoft has posted and then pulled several videos in which it mocks Apple’s new iPhones. The seven videos first appeared …



Microsoft’s iPhone parody commercial which has now been deleted 

Slothed – Sep 13, 2013- Microsoft released a series of iPhone parody commercials and then yanked them after only being online for a few hours. The reason …



Microsoft forced to delete ‘cringeworthy‘ spoof videos mocking new range of iPhones

Daily Mail ‎- Sep 15, 2013 – Two actors make ludicrous and dumb suggestions to a man supposed to Microsoft has been forced to delete seven sarcastic …


Microsoft Removes The ‘Fly On The Wall‘ Apple Ads

Pulse 2.0-Sep 13, 2013 – Microsoft has taken down several online video advertisements that made fun of Apple’s latest iPhones. The videos were online only for 


Microsoft pulls its iPhone parody ads

Memeburn-by Stuart Thomas – Sep 16, 2013 – A good parody is difficult to pull off and Microsoft has pretty much admitted it got it wrong with its latest efforts

les-echos.fr- feature

Quand Microsoft taquine Apple… et n’assume pas

Les Échos – Sep 19, 2013 – Amusante, il faut le reconnaître, la vidéo a aussi suscité des critiques. « Au lieu de se moquer d’Apple et de l’iPhone, Microsoft devrait


it espresso.fr-feature

iPhone 5S : Microsoft fait la satire de l’innovation

ITespresso.fr ‎- by Clément Bohic ‎- Sep 17, 2013 -Sur un ton décalé, Microsoft a choisi la voie publicitaire pour décrier les innovations apportées par Apple à la …


Metro ‎- Sep 16, 2013 – An embarrassed Microsoft has had second thoughts on an advert it posted on YouTube mocking Apple, having pulled it down hours after …


Microsoft Yanks Unfunny “Fly on the Wall” Videos … 

MaximumPc – Sep 17, 2013 – Microsoft posts and then pulls unfunny parody of Apple from the web.   Is it really so hard to spend a portion of your record  …


Microsoft pulls “fly on the wall” iPhone parody ads – Phone Arena

PhoneArena – Sep 15, 2013 – Microsoft has had trouble recently with its ads. Occasionally, the crew from Redmond will come up with an interesting commercial …

usFinancePost SOurce

Microsoft Attacks Apple (AAPL)’s New iPhones In A Bizarre Ad

USFinancePost ‎- Sep 18, 2013 – Microsoft Attacks Apple AAPL’s New iPhones In A Bizarre Ad Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) MSFT +0.39% CEO …




We will update our influential attributions regularly as we see them.  Thank you for following the VaultFeed Technology and news blog.