3 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Broken iPhone!


Lets just imagine you are walking to your car.  You fumble for your keys and as you finally get your keys out of your pocket, you also find out that your iPhone just flew out!  Sadly your iPhone didn’t just fly on out of your pocket, but it also dropped onto the cold, hard, humiliating, and rugged pavement below.  As you watch the inevitable happen right before your saddened eyes, you wonder if life will continue the same?  How will you manage to take another breath without your life-consuming Facebook, Twitter and other social addictions?  These are just a few of the thoughts and questions that fly by as you see your iPhone fly onto the ground and smash with a painfully loud sound!

You stoop down and pick up your sad and depressed iPhone.  You are surprised because it is still working!  HALLAJUUUAA!  You are ecstatic with joy, because while your iPhone does have cracks, it still works! huurraayyy!  The gray Apple of awesomeness hasn’t completely let you down.  That is until you swipe to unlock and your finger catches on the fragmented edges of an angry glass shard.  This is when you yelp with pain, agony, and anger!  But all hope isn’t gone!  So you set your iPhone down and drive off!

Now you find yourself sadly shelling out another $200 bucks at your local cell phone carriers shop.  You sign another ugly yet necessary contract, and upgrade to the next newest piece of Apple technology!  Your old iPhone with part of your finger is still left inside the car.  Now the question is what will you do with it?  The cool part is you don’t have to think anymore because we have come out with some pretty awesome things to do with your old and broken iPhone.  Keep reading for extended awesomeness!


3 awesome things to do with a broken iPhone:

    1. Burry it – Yes, this is one method that some are currently using to show their true sadness, homage, and respect towards their broken Apple products.  In fact some are actually creating custom tomb stones and special burials for their iPhone.  While this might seem a little ridiculous or crazy, you might want to show a little respect and give your iDevice a proper burial!
    2. Burn it – Burning your iPhone is another way to do away with the sadness of its broken state and the withdrawals from your iAddiction.  Burning your iPhone can potentially lead to a fireworks show or a minor explosion so we don’t recommend it here at the VaultFeed, however if you still haven’t found a good use for that old iPhone, why not pollute the environment and make a big bang out of it!  Burning your iPhone can also lead to a very high return on investment if you video tape it and slap it on YouTube.  People love to see things burn!  But please, if you do decide to burn your iPhone, make sure to check if your country allows such an activity to take place.  It would be a shame to pollute a city, country, or province where polluting isn’t cool.  Just as a side note, you might not want to pollute.  It isn’t that awesome anyways.
    3. Sell It – If you and your iPhone still aren’t getting along too well, there is one thing that will solve this problem more then anything. You can take it and stomp, burn, burry it on or in the ground and take your anger out on it, but sadly this is financially endangering and sadly inappropriate.  Your friends might think you need to be admitted to a mental ward, but the worst part is you won’t be doing your iPhone any good. You might get rid of the overflowing anger, however there are much better ways to deal with unhappiness caused by iPhone breakage. In fact a little cash might cheer you up. so why not sell your broken iPhone! It sure is more profitable then staring at it, stomping it with anger, or throwing it away. If you can find someone on Craigslist willing to buy your broken iPhone, this is one way, but you can also sell it for parts on eBay.  OR there are also other new ways that prove to be fairly profitable and easy. You can instantly sell your iPhone to DeviceFlip.com, a trade-in company specializing in broken iPhones, or you can head over to CashitGadget.com. There are also other websites that offer “cash for your broken iPhone” programs that might get you more cash then your sadness can handle. So cheer up, getting cash isn’t that bad after all!  To find out more: Learn More.

Now that you have burned, buried, or sold that broken iPhone, you can relax with your new iPhone in hand and continue with your complete addiction of Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social addiction!  just remember not to let your iPhone fly out of your pocket, because you are already paying for 2 contracts by now and a 3rd one would be a complete pity and disgrace to the wallet!

If you are needing some help on how to make a proper burial of your iPhone, checkout the video below:



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