iOS 7 Mac OS X Mavericks Merged Together Is a Beautiful Sight!


These concept images show iOS 7 & Mac OS X Mavericks combined together making an excellent desktop operating system!  Apple is releasing their next version of OS named OS X Mavericks.  This is the newest overhaul of the previous OS X Lion operating system that most updated Mac computers use.  However someone has released some images showing just how awesome the operating system could be when combined with iOS 7 making it a combination of both iOS 7 & Mac OS X.


Mac OS X has gone through many different variations throughout the years.  Apple seems to lean more and more towards mixing the mobile OS experience and unifying it with the previous desktop OS versions OS X.  Their recent additions of the Launch Pad in OS X has indicated their move from the mobile iOS onto OS X.  The images below were  thought up by  designer Edgar Rios in an attempt to visualize the way that iOS 7 would look joined with OS X and Mavericks making more of a iOS 7 Mac OS X experience!

With a few additions from iOS 7 and reductions from the original Mac OS X, these images present a great visualization of a “iOS 7 Mac OS X” Operating System.

iOS-7-Mac-OS-XWhen Apple released the iOS 7, some fans were unhappy with the change in colors, aesthetics, and the overall over-hall.  However most users actually are enjoying the new design.   There are some users that are not enjoying the iOS 7 experience, blaming the transitions for iOS 7 Motion Sickness.  It seems that the fast moving graphics and UI of iOS 7 has given people the worst.  But this doesn’t stop the success of iOS 7.  In fact in the first 24 hours over 18% updated to iOS 7.  More updates continue to roll in as iOS 7 goes through a few updates 7.0.1, and now 7.0.2.  7.0.3 will also be released soon as some other tweaks are being made.

The success of iOS 7 has brought to mind the thought of a conjoined-operating system with iOS and OS X.  This has been part of Apple’s plan in the past, but as these images show, the transition would look great!

iOS-Mac-OS-XPeople have always wanted to know how they can get iOS on their computers, but the visualized moment is here, where you can see iOS 7 being joined with Mac OSX to form this beautiful illustration seen in the current images attached.  Essentially the main change would be the apps.  They would change to a more squared version that assimilates the iOS 7 version.  Some of Apple’s apps in even OS X lion have been updated in Launch Pad to look like iOS.  However a full on transition has not been made.  As seen in these images, the dock would also change its entire look.  However the change seen here would be a beautiful one!

Mac-ioS-7-conceptiOS 7 also has a new pull up bar for changing brightness, music control, preferences and other information.  In this visual illustration, you can see iOS 7’s pull up bar being illustrated as a side slide out bar.  Perhaps this could be the beginning of touch screen Mac computing?

Mac-ioS-ideaThe control center seen on the right would control your songs, control your brightness, shut down, sleep, restart, and other functions like Log Out.  You can also see on the left the slide out for the Notification Center.  This would have all your calendar events listed just like in your iPhone!


Mac-iOS7 iOS-on-Mac

With redesigned icons, finder, and safari, this iOS 7 concept of Mac OSX truly does look beautiful!  The question is will you like it?  Would you prefer this IOS 7 Mac OS X vs. the original Mac OS X?

(Source: Behance)

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