Facebook Share Popup Prompts Done Right. The Go-Viral WordPress Popup Plugin For Sharing & Liking Is Here!


There’s a new plugin on the market that is working wonders for viral content marketers and your about to see why!

When Riviton Launched its first GoViral 1.0 plugin they had no clue how valuable it would really be until some further testing found that proves this plugin actually did provide incredible results!

Testing and plugin background:

A friend of the plugin owner had given a copy to the owner of a popular site UpVines.net and after he had installed the plugin his traffic and revenue quadrupled.  (You can see this proof if you look at his Alexa status and see when his traffic hit viral status) His revenue was then making over $10,000/day and increased from there until country specific Adsense policies hit him, but thankfully the full aprox. $81,434.00 was finalized and paid.  The site now utilizes Taboola monetization and continues to get huge amounts of traffic and ad revenue.

Since then the GoViral plugin has been implemented on many other sites including ViralFlood.com, Astoundable.com, MeaningFilled.com, ViralDoza.com, SmokingDesigners.com, and many others.

This plugin works especially well with content that is socially positive where sharing is most likely.  The popup makes the possibility of converting your visits into shares MUCH more likely as you will see below…

Thankfully we were able to get some stats of when the GoViral plugin was installed on Astoundable.com:


This specific plugin paid for itself within the first day of implementation. It all depends on the type of content you are creating and the share prompt, but after implementing the GoViral plugin we did see a jump in our overall share count and a huge jump in Fan page likes thanks to the second popup. —Paul, Astoundable.com

As you can see this plugin can increase the your shares which will translate into traffic, but then when something really goes viral, you’ll soon see why this plugin is MUCH more useful then other traditional share buttons.

The popup plugin uses 2 different popups.  The first is a Facebook share button, image and editable prompt text.  Then if the user shares, a fan page “LIKE” popup appears.

You can see the graphic we pulled from the SmokingDesigners blog below:

youtube-facebook-popup facebook-share-popup


You can see how it works above and also see it in action at Astoundable.com, ViralFlood.com, or many others…

Full List Of GoViral 5.0 Popup Features:

Core Features:

  1. Facebook Share popup & second Facebook “like” our page popup on end of post.
  2. Facebook Share popup & second Facebook “like” our page popup on end of YouTube video play.
  3. All the text is editable in admin.
  4. NEW 5.0 FEATURES:
    1. Edit share prompt text on each post. (Perfect for leveraging your prompt text verbiage depending on the type of post. e.g. If you post a video post, then you could edit your prompt to “Thanks for watching” or “Enjoy Watching? Please Share”, however for a post this would not be appropriate so you can now edit this on each post.  For a post with cat abuse activism related content you could have the prompt say something like “Help stop this. Please Share!”)  We have found that this can generate AMAZING results depending on your audience, content, and current traffic.
    2. Edit Facebook Like prompt on each post.
    3. Edit Facebook Page URL to be displayed for the like PopUp on each post.  Easily build custom Facebook pages depending on the type of content you are creating.
    4. Edit colors of the background overlay and popup color.
    5. Edit text fonts within admin panel.
    6. Edit Min. Top height for some website configurations.
    7. Edit popup width px settings.
    8. Edit “close” button text verbiage.
    9. Enable / Disable either Share popups or like popups on each single post, or ALL posts within the admin panel.
    10. Share click stats on the button seen within each single post settings and a reset button for reseting the share click count.
    11. Facebook App ID integration.
    12. Extra fast VS original GoViral plugin
  5. Delay time on post popup editable in admin.
  6. Super lightweight.  This will not decrease page load time.
  7. Editable region on each post for enabling / disabling YouTube / Post popups.
  8. Responsive. Works perfectly on all tested mobile devices.
  9. This plugin looks super clean, easy to install, and affordable for what you get!
  10. Used on many sites including ViralFlood.comSmokingDesigners.comAstoundable.com, and MANY more…
  11. A must have for any serious blogger wanting to increase shares and Facebook followers and well worth every penny spent!

We’re excited to say that this plugin might be one of the best social plugins for generating more shares that we have ever seen available.  You wont find anything just like it… The smooth functioning interface and customization possibilities makes this plugin a true winner and well worth the high price tag!

You can learn more about the Riviton GoViral plugin seen here: Go Viral WordPress Popup Plugin 


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