Touch ID Review: iPhone 5S Hands On Video


This video shows the iPhone 5S Touch ID in action.  We reviewed the effectiveness of the 5S.  The truth is that Touch ID is amazing!  Effectiveness and quality are  evident in the video.  However in real life the 5S iPhone with Touch ID is astonishingly amazing!   When it comes to its fingerprint reading technology Apple truly has the technology that will set itself apart when it comes to biometrics and secure print reading technology.


When we used the iPhone 5S for the first time we were astonished by the smoothness of IOS 7.  However the largest portion of amazement that occurred is when we used the fingerprint reader dubbed “Touch ID.”  Not only is it good, but its literally 97% accurate!  It was incredible to see how effective the fingerprint sensor was in this Touch ID review of the iPhone 5S.  We had some good time to mess around with this 5S device, and its good!

As seen in this demo, you must first scan your fingerprint a few times.  It reads and builds a fingerprint profile on it’s own Touch ID database within the phone itself.    I have rough and dry skin.  I remember about 2 years ago I owned a IBM laptop.  This newer Lenovo IBM laptop had onboard biometric fingerprint reading.  It was very finicky however and sometimes would not read my dry and sometimes broken fingerprint.  But this iPhone 5S was incredible, because it didn’t matter what way I scanned it, it still worked perfect!


After fully reviewing and using this iPhone 5S’s Touch ID as seen below, I am confident that the fingerprint reading functionality presented within this new iPhone 5S is enough to make it a huge hit!  Touch ID is much better then the normal passcode, and everyones fingerprint is the same.

You can see in the video below that my friends finger was unrecognizable.  Mine however was recognized time after time.  In the video seen below it had 100% accuracy even if my finger was placed at a angle, or at the side, it still recognized it!  This I find absolutely amazing because I don’t see how the technology can tell which way my finger is pointing.  Nonetheless it knows, and it knows well!  The iPhone 5S with onboard Touch ID is an amazing step in innovation.

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As you can see its accurate its perfect, its useful, and its the first of its kind!  Apple seems to blow us all away when it comes to new innovations and this new touch ID in the 5S iPhone isn’t an exception in any way, its exceptional!

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