Touch ID On iPhone 5S Works With A Sleeping Finger And A Cat!


Non-stop Touch ID news on the new Apple iPhone 5S is circulating around the tech-hemosphere.  Since the positive hand’s on review we have seen yesterday, IOS 7 seems to do a lot!  Touch ID is just one of IOS 7’s built in features given to all iPhone 5S users!  It seems to be an awesome feature, but is it really?

Today, via TechCrunch, we see 2 interesting posts indicating that the iPhone’s Touch ID functionality can extend to your pet or more specifically your cat and also your sleeping finger!  Recent tests have shown that the iPhone 5S with Touch ID can be unlocked by someone using your finger while you’re sleeping! Scary!

Just imagine getting knocked out for your information.  If someone wants access to your iPhone, there’s really no stopping them!

(See video of cat unlocking iPhone 5S towards the bottom of the page!)


Apple iPhone 5S’s Touch ID Reviews seem to indicate that people are very pleased with what Apple has done.  Lets hope that you don’t fall prey to the sleeping-pill that unlocks your iPhone 5S. This could in fact create concerns for those that want to rely 100% on the new iPhone’s security features.  It makes you wonder If Apple thought about this security concern for the user?

We all saw the news indicating that the new iPhone’s Touch ID feature won’t work with a severed finger.  This does give us a level of security, however if someone catches you sleeping by your iPhone, you might be in for some trouble!  Don’t fear or worry because the iNeckless seen below will remove any sense of distrust in your iPhones Touch ID security!  lol.


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Your secrets might not be so secret any more while sleeping if you don’t cary your iPhone around your neck with the iNeckless seen above!  This sine any new news, because all biometric devices to date will log in a sleeping finger.  While this isn’t a new concept, it might be an important thought for those interested in using biometrics and fingerprinting for your security.

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We haven’t heard of any unusual occurrences like this yet, but its interesting to see how biometrics could be used to your demise or advantage!  However there is an unusual occurrence featuring a cat unlocking an iPhone 5S with Touch ID seen below.


New news via TechCrunch seen in the VIDEO seen below shows a cat unlocking an iPhone 5S fresh out of the box!  This does come as a surprise because animals weren’t on the list for apple’s Touch ID R & D.  But consequently enough, the iPhone 5S using Touch ID can have a cat’s paw print logged as a useable “print” for unlocking and purchasing apps!  Obviously we have yet to see any videos showing a cat actually purchasing any apps, but it might happen someday!  What app would your cat buy?  You can see the demonstration below enacted by the TechCrunch team!

(source: TechCrunch)


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