This iPhone Air Concept Combines The iPad Air With Apple’s iPhone


Ciccaresedesign has come up with a lovely iPhone concept featuring an iPhone air concept.  Looks like an iPad air, but it’s an iPhone!  Its similar to the iPad air, but the concepts takes off of the main concepts and puts it with the iPhone.  You can see in the images that it would include touch ID also as indicated by the ring.  I’m not sure how I like concept.  While it is a fresh of fresh air as far as concepts go, does it really do anything better?  Does it really look any better?


While most iPhone renderings render useless, this concept might actually be the next iPhone!  We’re not sure if Apple would really call it the iPhone-Air.  That would seem fairly ridiculous, however why is the iPad called the iPad air?

The concept concept seen here somewhat mimics the older and previous iPhone 3G/3Gs design.  However while the 3G/3Gs is considered old, the comfort in using a rounded back iPhone is something to be considered!  The aluminum unibody design is similar to the iPad Air, but obviously much smaller.  As far as thickness, this design doesn’t boast anything “Airish” about it.  It’s no thinner, in fact it looks thicker.


The beautiful polished chamfer edges of this iPhone 6 idea make it stunning and beautiful.  The probability of Apple naming the next iPhone the “iPad Air”, is slim, but the name will most likely assume the “iPhone 6.”  This design would give a better rounded back panel for easier comfort while calling and surfing the web.  However the square design of the iPhone 5/5S does seem to be a popular design.  It won’t be easy to unseat the design trend of the iPhone and it’s squarely designed ideals.


I personally prefer the iPhone 5/5S design.  It looks a little more professional.  This iPhone air concept doesn’t really look fancier in any way.  It just looks like an iPod, or maybe a older iPhone 3GS in a white color with a denotable aluminum back.  I think Apple should stick with trend setting squarish design that is proving popular.

This design is new and carries a very slight possibility of success.  What do you think about the iPhone Air design seen here?


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