BBM – Blackberry Messenger App Released For iPhone & Android


The famous Blackberry Messenger app is released for iPhone & Android.  BBM was one of the best apps that most blackberry devices had and used.  However the decline in Blackberry use and the sad stock quote indicates that BBM may never be what it used to be!  Users are flocking to other smartphone providers for an enhanced user experience.  There are indications of a flawed company structure and poorly handled launch when it comes to Blackberry in genera, but will BBM be the one last chance for Blackberry to capture a attentive audience?

BBM Blackberry Messenger Is Now Launched.



As you can see above the Blackberry Messenger gets release on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  BBM has been a loved IM chat messenger for some time and apparently it’s still being used enough to warrant an app.  There is a slight possible chance that Blackberry will gain forward momentum by releasing this app, but this is not sure-fire.  In fact Blackberry has been taking on losses as we speak and the stock quote continues to decline.  The app however does give you an experience unlike many other messaging apps.  Blackberry currently supports a PIN in it’s messaging system.  You can only be logged in with one device at a time with your individual PIN.  This poses problems when you own several devices, but BBM will most likely be more successful then there previous product launch.

You can download the BBM software using the links below:

I’m fairly surprised that the Blackberry Messaging app was even accepted to the iTunes and Android app store.  This will be a breakthrough for Blackberry, but it might not be enough to bring Blackberry back to ground level.

Blackberry Needs To Fix It’s Business Model:

I personally purchased Blackberry stock with the thought that it would increase.  I believed that Blackberry had a significant idea for dual workplace environments on their iPhones.  However a good idea does no good if it’s implementation is flawed.  Sadly Blackberry has been loosing loyal followers because their niche is too narrow.  Not everyone wants a business only phone.  If I were Blackberry, I would implement a different marketing plan and offer much higher quality components.  For example the Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 has no automatic focus.  Many people have complained about this fact and it remains to be a thorn in many users Blackberry camera experience.  Because of the negative connotations that some devices have received in the past Blackberry continues to get a “bad rap.”  Blackberry needs to take notes from Apple.  They need to refine their smartphone even more before releasing it to the public.  They need to fix every aspect that can be fixed pre-launch.

Blackberry Needs Better Product Launches:

Blackberry also needs to improve the way they launch products.  They should keep their designs a secret until the launch.  Then the media will run out of ink when reporting.  The sensation would hit the web like when the iPhone 4 was finally found in the bar.  There are unique and different marketing approaches that Blackberry could be using in their product launches.  I believe that all hope isn’t over for Blackberry, but hope won’t continue to last much longer if Blackberry doesn’t pick up its feed and start standing taller when it comes to it’s product launches.

BBM Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger BBM has a uncertain future on both Android and iTunes app stores, but it is currently gaining momentum through positive reviews!  Some people are unhappy, but the majority are pleased with BBM and their in-app experience.  This single app release could be a liberating moment for many Blackberry users.  Many may go to an iPhone and continue to use the messaging experience, and others will transfer to a blackberry to receive the full-on BBM experience.

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