The First Gold iPad Mini 2 W/Touch ID Hits The Tech Wilderness In Images!


Its only been a little while since the launch of the iPhone 5S.  Apple thought it was important to include a gold color in the mix and this color seems to be a possibility for other Apple devices as well!  They also recently busted via police, a small shop selling gold color modification kits making little mall repair shots hit a new level of iMad.

You can see the photos and images which you can see here.  (Read Here:  Police Seized $89,000 Worth Of Colored Devices.)  This indicates that Apple is preparing to do things in “color.”  They want all the “small guys” out of color changing so they can push their huge color agenda on all of us!

Yes, thats cool, but please Apple, please don’t shut down small business in America just because you want all the colors!


Not only have we seen a mass amount of colors coming to the new Apple iPhone 5C, but we are also seeing new possibilities for the new Apple iPad Mini 2; expected to be seen on October 15.  The date is NOT confirmed but we recently heard the rumor via twitter / Mac Rumors.

The images we found via Redmond Pie seem to indicate that the new iPad mini will be offered in yet another color; gold.  While the “gold” color model of the iPad mini is exciting, thats not the most exciting part about this.  The most exciting improvement and innovation seen in the iPhone 5S is the Touch ID functionality.  You will be able to use your iPhone 5S to log in, unlock, and buy apps with a simple stroke of your finger on the home button.  These advanced biometrics also claim to fame that you won’t be able to cut someones finger off and use it to unlock a device and retrieve important data.  This truly tightens the security of iPhones around the world giving you confidence that your information is safe as well as your precious fingers!  (Read More:  Severed Finger Wont Unlock iPhone 5S Touch ID)

The images seen bellow truly do indicate something awesome!  The iPad Mini 2 will most likely have Touch ID.  Along with that, the iPad Mini 2 should most likely come standard with a Mini 2 Retina Display.  The screen not being retina on the previous iPad mini (1) has been the main detouring fact for me that hasn’t let me to purchase, however with this new news about the retina screen being installed in the iPad Mini 2, I might be convinced at last!


As you can see, the iPad mini won’t only look awesome in Gold, but it will also feature that awesome gold ring around the home button indicating Touch ID functionality!

ipad-mini-2-gold gold-ipad-mini gold-ipad-mini iPad-touch-id ipad-mini-touch-id touch-id-on-ipad-mini

Gold will look awesome as you can see.  The Touch ID will also be equally amazing.  A retina display in the iPad mini 2 will also be a nice improvement.  However are these new and coming improvements enough to really turn the tablet times and persuade the masses to upgrade or buy?

I personally think that there is a good possibility that Apple is shortening their possibilities by not innovating enough.  While Apple does innovate and obviously the Touch ID is a leap and a bound in the right direction, I think that they need to think of something completely new.  Not even an iPad, maybe something completely different?

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(source: RedmondPie)


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