How To Save SnapChat Pictures With SnapHack iPhone App!


How To Save SnapChat Pictures With SnapHack iPhone App!

Snapchat iPhone app allows you to send each other pictures back and forth.  SnapHack iPhone app saves your snapchat pictures permanently!  The official Snapchat iPhone app, only lets you see the video or picture and then it’s gone forever.  This app however named SnapHack, does just what you want.  Snaphack hacks the original Snapchat app and gives you access to any pictures seen in Snapchat; it saves them instantly!  No more loosing any of those precious moments, because this app has solved the problem forever.  You can now save your snap chat pictures with this handy snaphack iPhone app!


The app is only $.99.  A small price to pay for its functionality.  It does however remove purpose of the app, but you will be enjoying Snapchat even more when you can save them and the other person doesn’t know it!  Thats simply the best part.  Your sender will never know that they are saved!  You can also save them anytime you ever like.  All you have to do is login to the SnapHack software.  It uses your original SnapChat login information.  Once your logged in, you can see all the pictures that have been saved onto your device.  It also shows who sent them.  The app is easy and it shows you how to save SnapChat pictures with it’s SnapHack interface.  Its easy.  You will have all the pictures anytime saved.

As you can see above, the pictures are saved and you can see the time that SnapHack iPhone app took the shot in snapchat and saved it.  You wont be loosing any of those awesome pictures, because this SnapChat Picture saver app will be saving all the images instantly.  If you feel guilty by circumventing SnapChats original purpose, confess to your friends and uninstall the app.  However its a great app if you need to save those pictures for fun later.


Simply press the “Save to camera roll.”  At this point the Picture inside the SnapHack iPhone app will be sent to your actual Camera Roll within your iPhone.  You can then use it and post it anywhere.  However this app might pose privacy issues as people may expect that images will disappear.  If someone takes a photo intended for only a few moments and it gets on Facebook, it could present some real issues.  In fact I could see a lawsuit on its way, but for now its an approved app inside of the iTunes app store.

You can download the app here:  SnapHack Pro for iPhone on the App Store.

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