Browser Speed Test Mashup: iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4!


The Apple iPhone 5S has launched and sold millions of units as reported by MacRumors.  People are flocking to buy the new iPhone 5S.  However the Galaxy S4 is also a smartphone to contend with!  There is a huge following after the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S.  But to properly asses a smartphone, we need actual results and tests.  Today via RedmondPieTV YouTube channel, we have a browser speed test including the iPhone 5S versus the Galaxy S4.  This mashup shows you exactly how fast each device responds when it comes to the browser itself.  The iPhone is running the IOS 7.  IOS 7 is Apple’s latest and greatest OS.  Today it is pitted against the Android operating system running on the Samsung galaxy S4.  The truth will be seen in the video seen below.



The battle between Samsung and Apple continues as the browsers race to beat each other.  Apple however wins this battle against Apple’s chief competitor, the Galaxy S4.

The conduct a proper speed test, both phones must have cleared cookies, cache, and all browser data.  Both devices also have the most up to date software installed and current.  In the series of tests, the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4 both were put through many tests enveloping HTML5 and JavaScript as well as other tasks seen.  Yes, the galaxy S4 has a bigger screen, but bigger isn’t always better!  In this case the iPhone 5S absolutely smashes and mashes the Galaxy S4 in every test thrown at it.  The new iPhone 5S specs showing that the Apple has the first 64 bit processor is in fact the real reason for this speed.  The safari browser has been updated for faster performance, however the new processor featuring 64-bit is the true innovator in this new Apple iPhone 5S.  The speed is unmatched when it comes to most tasks involving basic and advanced processing as seen in the benchmark itself.  The actual loading of the page did in fact indicate that both phones were similar in page load.  The benchmark test proved that the iPhone was ahead in many ways.  nearly 3X as fast!

As you can see, the iPhone 5S speeds past in the benchmark test pitted against the Android alternative.  Samsung is however ready to respond with it’s competing “S5” as we believe it will be called.  The galaxy S4 will be upgraded to a 64-bit competitor which will soon be seen in the Galaxy S5.  This test would be more accurate if the Galaxy smartphone seen in the video featured a 64-bit processor, however its too bad so sad for the Galaxy in this test.  Watch for the iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5 speed test.  This will be a fair and square browser test if Samsung comes up with a 64-bit chip!

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(via: RedmondPie)


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