The 3 Most Popular iPhone iOS Game Apps Of 2013


The year of 2013 has been an eventful one in the app world!  Many apps were launched and many game apps were successful.  The majority of successful apps are in the game app sector.  Others were in the social media integration sector.  The games in the iTunes app store rose but there were 3 that rose faster then the others.  This popularity was from many factors including marketing and actual viral popularity.  We will list all 3 of these iOS Game apps below:

Temple Run Game App:

temple-run-alternativeThis game has sat on the top records of the game section within iTunes for over a full year.  It involves a chase to run away from the temple of ancient descent.  You have to miss certain obstacles and if you trip you may run the risk of being eaten.  With this game you must jump, run, slide, and forge your way through as you continue running faster and faster.  This game is FREE and a great app for your gameplay action!  You can download the app here: Temple Run Game App.  If you want to find alternative and similar apps to the Temple Run game app, you can visit here:  Temple Run Alternative.

Angry Birds Go Game App:

angry-birds-go-alternativeThis game is a succession to the previous version of the flagship Angry Birds game app franchise.  In this game instead of pulling back on a slingshot to destroy a standing structure in semi 2D design, this game goes 3D as a racing game.  It includes the sling shot when launching from the start line but takes on many different physics like flying and others.  It is a racing game worthy of a download.  Simply race your way through many levels and go through obstacles and specific levels necessary to achieve more coins to purchase carts and upgrades.  Its almost like Mario Cart, but for your iPhone and even better!  You can download the app here: Angry Birds Go Game App.  If you want to find alternative and similar apps to the Angry Birds Go game app, you can visit here:  Angry Birds Go Alternative.

Candy Crush Saga Game App:

candy-crush-saga-alternativePlay the fun and exciting levels that are all included in the Candy Crush Saga game.  Candy Crush Saga is free and one of the best games you can play if your into matching games.  Get gaming with the Candy Crush Saga game for FREE today!  If you love to get crazy about matching jewels up, this game will intrigue your mind.  Thats literally all this game does.  However it has climbed to the top of iTunes through various methods of direct marketing.  If you have ever heard the advertisements, this is why this iPhone game app is on the top page of popular apps in iTunes.  There are many matching grid apps like this one, but this one had the marketing to climb the ranks.  It is FREE however and a fun game if you have time to burn!  You can download the app here:  Candy Crush Saga Game App.  If you want to find alternative and similar apps to the Candy Crush Saga game app, you can visit here:  Candy Crush Saga Alternative.

While these games may not be #1, 2, and 3 in the iTunes charts, people spend more time using these 3 apps within the games in the iTunes app store then most all others and thus are the 3 Most Popular iPhone iOS Game Apps Of 2013!  So do you participate in gameplay with one of the apps listed above?

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