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Speed Up Galaxy S3 – In this post, ill tell you exactly how you can speed up your galaxy S3 VERY quickly, safely, and easily!  It only takes about 2 minutes.  The iPhone takes a lot more work.  When you have an iPhone you will have to first jailbreak it, download a special jailbreak app and then you can adjust these transition speed settings.  However when your using an Android, you can feel better when it comes to tweaks and tips like this.  The galaxy S III has been a great phone and reviews prove it to be a real iPhone-contendor.  Many Apple “fan boys” will defend Apple stating that it isn’t in any way, however the features are great!

One problem is that the Galaxy S3 III is sometimes slow at transitioning.  Thats why we have this post that shows you how to Speed-Up-Galaxy-S3!

It doesn’t do anything BAD to your phone and it takes a few minutes only.


First you need a Galaxy S3.  If you want to Speed Up your Galaxy S3, you need to enter a few numbers into the phone keypad.  Read Bellow for all the instructions to Speed Up Galaxy S3.


  1. Navigate and open the native settings menu.  Just find the application and continue to the step 2.
  2. Now you will have to navigate through the settings until you find the Developer Options.  Click that and open.
  3. Now go and find the Window Animation.  Click that to continue.  Now change it from its previous number to 0.5x.
  4. Now you need and find the other setting called Transition Animation and set that to the same.  0.5x.  You can also change it to something completly different if you wish.  You can change that anytime you want!
  5. DONE! – You have successfully and safely changed the settings necessary and have Speed Up your Galaxy S3!


  • Basically this speeds up the transitions between apps and when you select a app.
  • It speeds it up safely. This is not over clocking or anything that that might void the warranty.  It is completely safe and wont ruin anything!
  • Now you can show your other galaxy-friends how fast your Android Galaxy S3 S III is ;)!  You will be surprised by the number of people that are still lagging behind with the original settings!


  1. All you have to do go back into the developer settings.
  2. Then select the same settings described above in the step by steps.
  3. Then simply change it back to the number it was originally at!
  4. DONE!

If you enjoyed this tweak for your Galaxy S3, please share it for your other android friends so they can benefit!  This might work on other galaxy devices, however we cannot guarantee the reliability!  

(source:  RedmondPie)

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