iPhone 5S Benchmark Test: The iPhone Wins Again!


These benchmarks tell the tale of another winner.  The iPhone 5S races ahead in not one, not two, but more then 7 benchmarks and wins the title each time as seen below.  This shows that Samsung truly has a run for its money!  If the iPhone 5S was winning in only a few of these benchmarks, then the question would remain as which smartphone is the fastest and best.  However this is clear as day, the 5S iPhone wins!  There is no question that Apple’s new 64-Bit A7 Processor is leading the pack when it comes to Smartphone speed.



The iPhone 5S does enough with its A7 Chip, but it also has a M7 coprocessor which aids its processor and makes it even faster then it would normally be.  The tests below were knowingly attributed to the iPhone’s advancement in chipset.  Thankfully MacWorld recently posted the final benchmark scores and as seen below for the new iPhones against the closest contenders in the smartphone-world.


As you can see the scores are consistently higher in ALL the tests indicating that the iPhone really is the faster one.  With technology advancing every day the Galaxy S4 is outdated and needs a new upgrade.  The S4 did however do better then most all the other phones.  It was really interestingly to see that the 5C iPhone model was slower then even the iPhone 5 which is much older as we already know.  The iPhone 4 did so depressingly slow that it nearly didn’t make it on the graph clocking in at 210.0 on the Geekbench 3.

The Geekbench 3 Single core test truly indicated a strong win nearly by 2X as fast.  As seen above the iPhone 5 itself is over 1 year old and still beats the Samsung Galaxy S4!  Im not quite sure why Samsung’s Flagship S4 is coming in at such a slow mark, but the 5S is what really amazed us.  It truly wins in every event.



Above is shown the graphics benchmarks of the iPhone 5S stacked up against its other competitors.  To appropriately rate the iPhone against it’s competitors we need more then just one test.  And as you can see we have many tests.  As seen above the iPhone 5S wins in more then one event of benchmarking in the graphics section rating.

Sunspider JavaScript is another test that frequents most smartphone speed test assessments.  A seen below its pretty outstanding how wide the bar-separation is between the 5S and the other competitors and smartphones running on Android and IOS alike.



The iPhone 5S comes in at first place nearly beating the S4 competitor more then twice!  This must be embarrassing for Samsung as they truly do have a great smartphone.  But how can benchmarks lie when you have many to tell the truth.

Battery consumption is always a factor to include in the mix.  Were sure anyone can make a fast smartphone or phablet, but can anyone make a benchmark-winning device to last long on battery life at the same time?  Yes, Apple along with the iPhone 5S has done it when it comes to battery performance under high CPU usage.  As seen below, the iPhone 5S truly does a great job at utilizing the battery it has.  One of the woes of the iPhone 5 was the battery.  We will always be complaining about battery life for years to come, but it wont get much better.  At least Apple squeezed a little more usage out of the already small battery it has.  Lets hope this new iPhone’s battery life lasts long and doesn’t degrade over time and usage.



The test above was a looping video that was continuously repeating at the same level of brightness, same video, same charge rate.  Everything was geared to get an honest, true, and real estimation of the batter life.


People seem to always complain about benchmarks and say that they really don’t give a true estimate of performance, however  while this may be true in some areas, you can see above that many of these tests were done using different benchmarking softwares.  Because of this variation in software we should get a constantly high score and this we did.  Across the board, the benchmarks show that the iPhone 5S does win.

It is interesting that the Galaxy S4 did load pages faster in some circumstances as seen in my previous post on iPhone vs. Galaxy S4 Browser Load Test.  It could be the background apps running on the iPhone 5S, but the iPhone 5S does come in close and loads some sites faster.  This could be due to the fact that some browsers load data differently.  In fact we could expect different results using a different mobile browser like Chrome.  Because of these browser loading differences, it isn’t an honest representation of a devices speed.  That is why these benchmarks were carefully crafted thanks to MacWorld.

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(Source: MacWorld)

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