Tile For iPhone And Android Review – Is It Really That Cool?


tile-iphone-sucks-reviewTile For iPhone And Android ReviewWhat is the “tile” and the “tile” app? – The tile app and corresponding “tile” is a little thing that you can attach to things that give off a signal.  This signal can be seen and found with your iPhone or other iPhones around the area with other tile users.  Its a great idea, but is it really that great?  If you are missing an item or looking for it, other iPhones around the area can track it and send you confirmations on its whereabouts!  But if all users aren’t using this it won’t work!

Even though this is an awesome idea, I’m slightly critical on how its going to work.  First off, this “tile” must be attached to things for it to be used.  And if someone is really going to steal something they will remove the tile because everyone will know about it by that time (If in fact the “tile” makes its popularity).  The idea of being able to track your things is really cool, but why not make little GPS modules that you can actually track the exact location of?  I feel this would be a whole lot more useful!  What if not everyone has the tile app and what if for some reason you are not in “distance” with the tile.

The main issue I can identify with this “tile” device is that it needs to be within distance to be seen on the device.  It makes it hard to find your item if you have to be within a few feed to see it.  I can see that it would be helpful if your trying to find keys on your house or something, but as a way to recover a stolen item, or as a way to track a vehicle or similar uses where you can actually “track” its true “location”, it sucks!  Great idea, but I would buy it if it was a little bit different.


If the “tile” could track the exact location at any time it would be a HUGE hit.  I would buy something like that even if it cost $50+ dollars or even more!  Insurance companies would also buy them from you to track cars being insured in high-risk theft regions.  There are countless ways that something like this could be improved, however the limited distance of this “tile’ tracker and the limited market share of people actually wanting something that can only track things within your house makes it not a worthy buy!


I love the idea of crowd-sorcing-location but how will it really work?  Many times we get all skeptical about things we haven’t seen and I understand that.  The issue is that Apple actually has an app “find my iPhone” which is an excellent app which you can see the currant location of ALL devices that are connected to your MAC iCloud account.  This technology is already a lot farther in advancement then the “tile”.  I feel like the “tile” and its app is like taking something awesome and making it old again.  Isn’t there a way to triangulate somehow and make a tile that can be seen on an actual map without the “need” of people crowd-sourcing it’s location?  I know there is a way!  In the currant the tile kinda sucks.. sadly to say.  I love new ideas but this one.. is a little over hyped i’d say…

When Steve Jobs demanded that the computer needed “Type-Face” and fonts, people thought it couldn’t happen, and they thought it was crazy!  But the truth is that it was VERY necessary.  Like this, I believe that if people think its not possible, it can be possible!  The “tile” app can be much more then it really is!

I hope the tile team makes a team effort at changing the way we locate things in an even more genius way!  For now, I won’t be buying any tiles.  its worthless unless I can see it on a map!

(source: 9to5mac, Tile)

Watch the video bellow so you know what this is!


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