Global Smartphone Usage & Data Revealed In Detailed Infographic Form


With global smartphone sales on the rise, more people using technology devices, and app usage increasing, its a good idea to look at the facts.  As you can see in this infographic, there are more then 4 Billion people currently using activated handsets in the world!  This is not only astonishing, but it helps us all see the obvious point that smatphones are becoming the life we live today.

When Android was first starting to gain it’s popularity they lacked the number of apps to sustain a thriving mobile OS experience.  However the rise in usage has motivated developers to create apps on Android as well.  There are also more Android users currently downloading apps because of that fact that app developers might get more sales via Android.  The end result as seen bellow is a thriving Android app store and the data specifically for smartphones indicates a rise to over 700K apps apposed to only 600K in the iTunes store specifically designed for the iPhone.  Its important to note that Apple screens their app submissions much more then the Google Play and Android.  Some of Androids apps don’t actually work as well as many in the iTunes store because Apple scrutinizes each individual submission to make sure it stacks up their ideals.  However Android is growing and gaining traction as one of the largest app stores against their arch-rival, iTunes.

It’s also interesting to note that most smartphone users are from the age of 25 to 34.  The rest of the distribution is fairly even with the exception of 13-17 year old teenagers which only take up 6.3% if the handset by age pie.   This does seem interesting but the most likely culprit of this is the price to own a smartphone is not affordable for many teenagers that have school expenses and other interests.  This may be a little skewed due to the fact that the parents are the ones buying their teenagers the plan, and this the stats may be a little less.  However it does seem to indicate that teenagers are not the largest group of people using smartphones.  This is some interesting news for sure!

There is also some startling and highly informative data seen below.  A special thanks to Coupon Audit for helping us collect and design this informative infographic.

Global Smartphone Sales

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