Plastic Perfected Ad: Apple Releases New iPhone 5C Video Ad

We all are excited about the iPhone 5C, because it will be a little cheaper.  Its awesome because this add confirms our hopes of this new device being even better then any plastic phone ever produced.  Apple cares a lot about quality not quantity; this iPhone 5C isn’t an exception!  The quality seen within the Apple iPhone 5C is not only stunning but its cheaper and honestly will be more comfortable to hold in your hand!  You will see in the ad bellow that this new iPhone is something beautiful!


The new iPhone 5c won’t be your normal “plastic” iPhone.  It will be something perfected in plastic as Apple is saying.  We don’t know how people will truly respond  positively or negatively when the iPhone 5C is officially released, however it’s looking good for the Cupertino company and the iPhone 5c.

Just 3 days ago Microsoft made fun of the “iPhone 5C”, making fun of the “plastic” element.

(See The >> Banned Microsoft Ad Here)

Skeptics, droidfans, and anti-apple-phrophets seem to predict the downfall of Apple because of the “plastic iPhone.”  However I strongly disagree.  Here is why:  The first iPhone 3G and 3Gs sold better then any smartphone at first.  The first iPhone 2G was metal and then the iPhone 3g came in plastic.  The iPhone 3G was a massive hit and went viral within the tech phone communities.  It was the best thing ever!  Everyone knew it.

The truth is that this iPhone 5c may even even sell more then the iPhone 5S.  However with lower specs the iPhone 5C will have a disadvantage.  The cheaper price will however make the 5C a better choice if your on a budget.  I also would conjecture that the iPhone 5c’s plastic body may hold up better and look nicer for longer.  While the iPhone 5 and 5S do have metal bodies, they get scratched easier and look bad after some pocket wear and a few drops.  The iPhone 3g and 3gs still live on and many look better after a similar amount of usage and wear.

Apple is doing a great job at marketing this iPhone 5c.  You can see below in the video how awesome the 5c actually might be!  In fact you might find yourself lining up for the 5c iPhone if you’re convinced that its for you.  Will you be joining the lines of customers eagerly waiting for the first finger on the newest iPhone 5c?

As you can see, the iPhone 5c looks even better then before.  Shinny, colorful, and more!  This new iPhone sub model 5c may be the best phone to hit the mobile-sphear yet!

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