3 Places To Buy Used iPhones Cheaper Then eBay!

Buy Used iPhones Cheaper Then eBay

If your in the mood for good deals, you might find yourself looking to buy a used iPhone on eBay.  However there are other websites that are similar but offer cheap deals on used and unlocked iPhones.  In fact there are ways to get iPhones for cheaper then eBay in most cases.



eBay charges extra fees to those that use their service.  Because of this, users on eBay actually have to raise their prices to still make a profit.  Many iPhone sellers have moved to other websites like Craigslist to offer better deals., because of the increasingly high rates.

eBay gives its buyers a good experience, but because of the high competition with bidding, it can be an expensive place to shop for iPhones and other high end smartphone devices.  In this article, ill point out 3 great alternatives that can be used to find used and unlocked iPhones.

3 Places To Buy Used iPhones Cheaper Then eBay:

  • #1 – TechNak.com.  Because of the fees that eBay charges on used iPhones, other companies have popped up offering limited stock, but better deals overall on their devices.  Tech Nak is one similar site to eBay in that they offer great prices on used and unlocked iPhones.  They also ship to most locations worldwide.  If you check on TechNak’s website, you will see that their phones are priced considerably cheaper then most devices found on eBay.  TechNak is trusted and BBB accredited in the Washington area.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out if your ready to buy any used or unlocked iPhone!
  • #2 – Craigslist.org.  Many people jump onto eBay when there are many iPhones sitting around on craigslist waiting to picked up for a fraction of the cost on eBay.  eBay has a lot of competition and this hikes prices above the value found elsewhere.  That’s why its always a good idea to check Craigslist out.  If Craigslist doesn’t have any viable options for purchase, checkout TechNak, as they do offer similar deals as Craigslist, but will ship to your house.  Make sure to keep yourself safe while using Craigslist, as there are many scams.  However if you meet in person at a public place, you should be fine!
  • #3 – MobileKarma.com.  This site I also found while scanning the Internet.  It seems to offer great prices similar if not better to eBay.  They have the same returns policy as the rest of the online retail stores.  TechNak will be the cheapest offer, but I noticed that they don’t always have the iPhone you might be looking for.  Because of this, I included Mobile Karma, which also sells used iPhones.


You can checkout all the options, but just remember to check all the different places before placing your order.  You might find that your extra time and research will pay off!

If you can find the iPhone that you are looking for on TechNak.com, it will most likely be priced much lower then the competitors.  Choose Mobile Karma, if you don’t find the iPhone your looking for on TechNak.

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