Checkout These Banned iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Video Ads!

Checkout These Banned iPhone Commercial Video Ads!  The video of the “Fly On The Wall In Cupertino” went viral yesterday when an YouTube account featured a saved compalation version of some ads the Microsoft had removed after only a few hours.  These ads were posted to go up against the iPhone 5S and 5C in making fun of Apple in their efforts on the new iPhones.  They also made fun of the “iWatch idea.”  You can see the video in its entirety HERE:  Microsoft Destroys iPhone On YouTube.

Checkout These Banned iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Video Ads!

Today however we have some other commercials that have also recently come out that just make fun of the iPhone in various ways.  These are obviously not made by Microsoft, however are still pretty funny.  In fact I would say that they are even funnier then Microsofts attempt.  The issue with the recent Fly On The Wall In Cupertino video, is that Microsoft did a horrible job to be honest!  They didn’t even make it that funny to be honest.

The videos below are more joke / funny / humor videos poking more fun at Apple and the iPhone.

Fairly funny ads yes, however its all a system to get you into these gadgets.  Microsoft also posted that video to get more exposure.  It was not an attempt of making a funny video to get people to buy the windows phone.  They did it to get peoples attention onto Microsoft by making videos that are horrible and distasteful.  Now EVERY news website from NewsWire to TheVerge are featuring this as their top story.  This gives Microsoft a LOT of attention.  And of coarse Apple and their iPhone gets the attention like always too.

Do you remember the lost iPhone on a bar when the iPhone 4 first was released?  I think that Microsoft is doing something similar to Apple’s inside marketing stunt of the “lost iPhone in a bar.”  Apple got a LOT of free marketing and exposure from this.  Microsoft could very well be doing the same thing!

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