Nokia Mobile And Microsoft’s New Project Win Or Fail?


Nokia Mobile And Microsoft’s New Project – We recently covered the new buyout from Microsoft of Nokia and I have some serious words to say!  Microsoft’s new buy for 7.1 Billion may be a fail, and new signs show that it could be more and more of a reality.  Nokia has been around for many years and this the first instance of failure was when the iPhone came out and took out most of their business.  However they didn’t have to sell out and fail.  They sold out to Microsoft and I personally don’t think its worth it!

Nokia Mobile And Microsoft's New ProjectThis most recent Microsoft purchase seems to be one of the worst.  When Skype was purchased It was a great deal for Microsoft, because Microsoft didn’t just resolve to remove the name, but instead add it to its collection of good companies.  Its sad that Microsoft has decided to remove the name “NOKIA” and place “MICROSOFT”  in its place.  The value of the brand “NOKIA” itself isn’t worth deleting from the mobile phone competition and its sad to see it happening.  Microsoft isn’t that bad, but why would you buy a profitable and well-known company and then just take the name away?  The name “NOKIA” has been around for a long time and seeing it be removed and deleted is only a bad move for Microsoft in my mind!

Why Is It A Bad Move?

Its a bad idea because no one in there right mind would desolve a previously profitable and aged company for its own less-known for mobile phones name.  Its just unfortunate.  Microsoft doesn’t know as much of the mobile phone industry as Nokia did in the first place.  They think they can do it better?  Maybe Microsoft just has too much money on their hands and needs a place to throw it?

Its also a bad move because some previous employees plan on making new company.  The new company will be ironically called “Newkia.”  It doesn’t matter why its being called this name, but what matters is what “Newkia” is planning on doing.  Newkia’s plan is to make “better mobile phones.”  This should cause utter fright to the newest sellout of Nokia, because they most likely know the mobile-phone world better then Microsoft will.  This news was via RedmondPie.

Nokia could have had explosive possibilities had it not been for the stupid buyout.  Right now all the mobile phone companies are leveling their competition because everyone is catching up on the technology.  These companies are also lacking in major innovation.  This causes other companies to be left on a level playing field for major future developments.  Apple doesn’t have to be the only company that made historical breakthroughs in technology.  Its time for a new company like Nokia, or any other to come up with “the next big thing.”

The truth is that Nokia could have been a sustaining and incredible company!  Do you have any thoughts?  Please share them on our: VaultFeed Facebook Page.

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