New Galaxy Gear Smartwatch & Galaxy Note 3 TV Ad Scares People!


The new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch & Galaxy Note 3 gets advertised in this video depicting some creepy puppets and more!

When it comes to competitive marketing, the one who produces the most edgy ad that gets people interested wins!  Samsung seems to be getting a little creepy though with its new onslaught of commercial TV ads.  Its not the first time Samsung has marketed with an edgy style, and it isn’t the last!



If you think the image above is creepy, then your just touching the surface of Samsung’s new ad featuring the Note 3, and Gear, which essentially is the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.  This Galaxy Smartwatch, we recently saw in our last post (Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Win Or Fail & Images).  It be the first smart watch to hit big with many tech users.


The concept of a Apple iWatch smart watch also has been in development by Apple for some time now.  It was also made fun of in a video recently by Microsoft.  Is the idea of a “watch” that is smart worth making fun of?  Samsung doesn’t think so, as their worldwide marketing campaign has started off with the video seen below.

As you can see its a weird introduction for Samsung and their new product lineup.  

Only time will tell how successful these new products will prove to be.  Apple is reportedly working to build their own Apple iWatch smart watch.  It seems that this is quite possibly the direction that mobile technology is taking consumers.  Samsung is the first to hit the marketing effort in selling these watches.

The death of the the Smartwatch:

I honestly believe that the concept of an iWatch, or Smartwatch by either Samsung or Apple is a unique idea indeed.  Not only is it unique, but it’s also risky!  People bought smartphones because they wanted ONE device to do what their laptop and phone and GPS did.  Now people are trying to add another accessory that is unnecessary.  This Smartwatch revolution is destined to fail if it doesn’t capture a need that isn’t already fulfilled by the smartphone itself.  No one is going to buy or use a watch that does nothing uniquely different then their smartphone.  In other words, if its doing the same thing, you won’t need 2.  The only place where a smart watch would be useful, is if it did everything your smartphone does.  If this were to happen, the “Smartwatch” idea would sell itself!  But until this point, the death of the smart watch will most likely be seen after the smart-watch-fade fades off.  Its a neat fad and idea, but with no real need.

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