New Apple iPhone’s Sold 9 Million In One Weekend!


The Apple iPhone 5S and 5C were recently launched.  The profit forecasts didn’t seem so “amazing” as many predicted a slump since the iPhone 5’s launch.  Many agreed that the improvements in the 5S really weren’t “that innovative” vs. the iPhone 5.  However these assumptions have been disrupted by this startling news that was brought to us via BusinessWeek in a post several days ago.  The Fruit company has a loaded tree boasting sales over in excess 9 million unites in only one weekend!  This news is startling considering the negative media coverage pre-launch.  However its amazing for Apple stock investors as the quote raises ever higher.

Apple Inc.

NASDAQ: AAPL – Sep 27 4:44pm ET

482.75-3.47‎ (-0.71%‎)

Apple’s stock has been fluctuating but this weekend was a good one for Apple and the cupertino company.  The question that many ask, is “why did apple sell so many?”  This is simple.  Apple has cornered the competition.  The sales figures can be seen below.  And bellow that the reasons on why Apple sold so much!


Apple beat out many entire companies that are huge profit makers in todays world.  Apple even significantly bolted past Boeing, the airplane manufacturer.  This is pretty crazy news indeed!  The graphs above include products of Apple such as the iTunes and other profits that Apple incurs.  the Apple iPhone however is the top income earner coming in at aprox – ($88.4 billion).  The rest of the companies income totals about ($81 billion) which includes all iTunes, computer, and other software income.  The iPhone itself truly is the bank maker for Apple.


Possible Reasons Why Apple Sold So Much This Past Weekend:

  • More countries were included that sold the new iPhone 5S and 5C.
  • Apple waited longer to launch this iPhone and people were expecting it for so long.
  • Apple now produces more then only one iPhone.  This obviously makes for higher income!
  • Apple made a cheaper iPhone to capture those lower income buyers.
  • Apple made a gold iPhone 5S.  People like it when things turn to gold! lol
  • Apple made benchmark report headlines so people bought into that assumption.

The next image below shows the iPhone amounts sold vs other dow members.


As you can see, the iPhone alone in sales stagers incredibly when it comes revenue.  Like we said earlier, the iPhone is just one revenue stream for the fruit company, Apple.  Just image how good Apple looks financially when you add up all the other products and services.  Its no wonder that people like to Sue Apple more then ANY other company in the world.

The iPhone 5S is in fact the fastest smartphone seen in the benchmark tests and this is just part of the reason that Apple is making the bank off their new device, the iPhone 5S!  It seems that everything they touch turns to gold, or they turn it to gold first as seen in the recent news.  Apple seems to be adding gold iPhone and iPad color variations into their mix of products.  New news that Apple will be producing a iPad Mini 2 in Gold with Touch ID.  It will be interesting to see if this new iPad Mini 2 Gold will sell like crazy, but we believe that it will – just as the gold iPhone 5S and 5C has this past weekend!

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(Source: BusinessWeek)


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