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Apple iWatch SmartApple iWatch Smart Watch – The Cupertino company Apple Inc. is preparing to launch a new product line into their already successful product line of tablets, phones, and computers.  This time it is a watch, or better dubbed the “smart watch.”  Apple has been looking into this for some time, and Samsung plans on releasing a “Galaxy Gear” smart watch in the next coming months.  The smartphone battle between iPhone and Samsung continues in the SmartWatch tech industry.  The battle is yet to be seen, however both companies have a considerable amount of time and research invested into the “Smart Watch” idea.  Development will continue this year.  We will keep you updated on the specifics as they come to us!

MacRumers – Has been covering the “Apple iWatch” for sometime.  They recently have uncovered a patent that Apple has on a watch-snap design see bellow.  Apple has been known for getting sued on patents as we recently saw in our post:  Apple Gets Sued!  However these patents that Apple files for nearly every day help make it harder for “patent trolls” to profit.  Apple knows where it is going but as many as 10-20 patents have been filed per day by Apple in the past!


This Apple iWatch will be a communication device between your iPhone and your hand.  Or it will be an all-in-one unit.  Either way it will be interesting to see the outcome of the iWatch vs. the Galaxy Gear watch that Samsung plans on producing in the upcoming months!

A few of the ideas that have emerged and can be seen bellow.  These ideas will be dubbed the “Apple iWatch.”  The first picture seen above is a iPod Nano with a case that makes it look like a watch.  Many people have purchased these watch band iPod holders and Apple is preparing to take a piece of the pie when it comes to the “watch.”


These images above and bellow are pictures of foreseen iWatch concepts that may never make it to the public, however they are interesting replicas of what we could in fact see at some point.  We don’t know exactly what it will look like but it seems to be based on the patent that APple has filed for which is seen in the second picture via MacRumors.iwatch-mockup

The watch that is seen bellow in red, is another case that is for your iPod Nano.  This case seen bellow costs around $40-$100.


The actual Apple iWatch that is reported to hit stores within 1-2 years will reportedly cost around $199 via information derived from MacRumors.

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(via: MacRumors)

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