The Best iPhone 6 Design Prototype EVER Created! [IMAGES]


The Best iPhone 6 Design Prototype Ever Created! IMAGES – This iPhone 6 visual image picture representation is one of the best iPhones we have ever seen at the Vault Feed, and remains to be so.  This unibody design as you can see is taken to a whole new level, and looks amazing!  We have seen some recent posts from the VaultFeed on the best iPhone 6 design, however this one tops it!  As you will see in the detailed images bellow, ADR studios have take a lot of time to make this replica mockup image look like the “real thing”  We know that the iPhone 5S by Apple wont look like this because we have reports of the gold iPhone 5S being similar in back shape at least to the previous iPhone 5.  We also know that Apple usually upgrades the iPhone in 2 segments with the same likewise design.  You can see this in the example of the iPhone 4, and then iPhone 4S.  Design didn’t change, but the internals did.  We will most likely see the same with the iPhone 5, then the iPhone 5S, however this design bellow shows what the iPhone 6 could look like when Apple decides to make it!  Only time will tell as to what it will look like.

iPhone 6iPhone 6iPhone 6

You can see in the image bellow that the unibody design would include a solid aluminum back instead of the glass sections on the top and bottom.  This could be reality if Apple decides to take some notes and we hope they will!  The only weird thing is that the bottom of the iPhone in silver / white looks as thought it is black on the top?  That doesnt make a lot of sense.  I personally hope that the decide to implement the edge to edge display in the new iPhone 6, because it seems like the only other then to do which would differentiate you from the rest of the smartphone competition.  Im sure Apple looks at it differently though.

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As you can see this is a KILLER design!  The features show above would be amazing.  I cant wait till Apple makes something like this because Im sure you would buy it if it really looked like this.  Most likely Apple will take their good time getting around to making something this col, however in the meantime we can just spend our time drooling as we know Apple wont produce this quite yet.  In the future we could expect something similar to come of the iPhone 6 when it does in fact come out.  The iPhone 5S needs to come out first and then we can get the different design packed into the iPhone 6 later on.

The features that are show-cased above in the pictures seem to be the following ideas:

  • Edge-to-edge SUper retina display with a layered Retina 2 design
  • Larger screen size due to the edge-to-edge concept
  • The thinner aluminum sides makes this iPhone look very nice compared with the other concepts we have seen.
  • iPhone 6 Fingerprint unlock functionality!
  • Magsafe lightening 2 – this will be amazing!  If it was magnetic.  I think Apple will do this in the future!
  • Right/Left tapping to get to the next song etc.

We will see what else, but I believe that the best selling features of this concept iPhone 6 would be the lower quadrant touch functionality, the fingerprint scanner, the magnetic power connector, and the edge-to-edge retina 2 multi layer.  This is pretty crazy, but I hope Apple makes something like this.  I would buy it!  Would you?



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