Goophone iPhone 5C Clone To Cost $99 With Android OS


Goophone iPhone 5C Clone To Cost $100 With Android – iPhone and androids have a fairly stable flow of knock-off’s selling for cheaper prices.  Most of the time they are horrible quality.  This iPhone 5C seems to be promising if you want to have an iPhone shape with an Android body.  This is iPhone 5C knockoff is called the “Goo Phone.”  The name itself isn’t necessarily appealing at all, however the knockoff looks pretty close to the real thing!  Although the exact launch date for this morbid-chineese knock isn’t known, we do know it looks fairly promising for the one time off-contract price of $99!

Goophone iPhone 5C Clone To Cost $100 With Android

This fake chinese iPhone 5C “goo phone” carries 1GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel processor with a 2-megapixel front-facing cam cam!  The device will cost just $99 in China, and it doesn’t look all that bad from the outside.  Will it feature a retina display?  We dont know that, however for the price you cant complain or throw a tantrum.  Its only a $99 dollar fake!  We have seen the alleged “iPhone 5C” and honestly this doesn’t look too far off.

Bellow is the iPhone 5 by GooPhone as a fake replica also running Android.  As you can see its not that nice of a iPhone.  However this 5C iPhone goophone seen above in the white picture looks like they are improving their “pirate-phone” product line; the goo phone.


As you can see the previous Goophone (seen above) wasn’t the best quality device, however this one might be a different story in the case of the iPhone 5C in White seen above!  The specs look fair, and the price is obviously the most deciding factor; Its cheap.  If you want to get all goooeoy with writhe 5C-infringment some c-r-a-p-p-y android copy will give you a perfect solution; the GooPhone, by GooPhone of China.

We will continue to cover the details on the goophone as it is made and produced.  Apple always makes the highest quality products but if you need to get on your “iPhone wanna-be” this might a perfect cheap solution for your clone cravings.  Don’t expect high quality and honestly its kinda lame to buy “fake” items, even if they do look cool.

Bellow are more previous knockoffs of the goo-phone that is ALL android!  The 5C in “fake-mode” should be interesting!


You will get the same feeling you get when you score those “$5 dollar Oakley Monster Pup” sunglasses on your trip to Mexico.  However don’t be too disappointed if it breaks while your using it.  Im pretty sure Apple wont be offering an in-store trade-in program for these devices ;).  Also the Goophone warranty is completely in chinese and I don’t have the mental stability or time to translate everything for you however I Translated part of it here.  …uhh its too tiring, I cant get it all translated because its too confusing!  You can visit and read more about if you know chinese.

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