5 Cool iPhone Accessories For Easier iPhone Charging!


5 Cool iPhone Accessories For Easier iPhone Charging – Most of us have an iPhone and many of us know about the low battery life.  We are constantly charging our iPhones nearly every day if not more depending on the device use!  These 5 affordable accessories can seriously eliminate the “charging” problem.

All these accessories are all under $32 dollars and will help you get your cables in line.  You can manage your cables much easier with each of these awesome accessories!

5 Cool iPhone Accessories-cable


#1 Charging Accessory – iPhone twist ties

The image seen above can work with any cords and manage the the mess of cords attached to your iPhone, mac, or other cords!  These iCon-Ties can be found about anywhere!  Just search google and you will find all the cool twisty ties that can help manage your cord mess.


stiff-iphone-cable stiff iphone cable 2

#2 Charging Accessory – Stiff iPhone Tripod / charging cord

This awesome accessory is currently designed for the iPhone 4S, however the iPhone 5 model also will be supported.  You can get this handy little accessory for the one time low price of $30.  More info can be seen on SwissMiss.


#3 Charging Accessory – iPhone syncing / charging cord splitter

This accessory really helps you if you only have 1 usb plug.  Most of the time we have more then one USB cord, however this awesome little accessory will help you charge 2 at the same time without putting too much strain in the USB outlet.  This little splitter can be found on google by searching “iPhone splitter”  The price range is from $11-$25 depending on the outlet you decide to buy it through.  Try eBay for a cheaper price, or TechNak sometimes stocks such accessories.


#4 Charging Accessory – iPhone USB cord manager clamp

This little aluminum hunk seen above, clamps down on cables.  If you have a cable thats always flying around, this is a great way to make sure you keep it coiled up perfectly when you need it.  Tangled wires can be very annoying and this little gadget accessory will work for most any smaller cord.  You can clamp it on mostly anything.

5 Cool iPhone Accessories-2 keychain-iphone-usb-charger USB iPhone lightining charger for keychain


#5 Charging Accessory – Mini keychain iPhone sync cord

This little accessory can attach to your keyring and will come in handy when that iPhone goes dead when your on the run.  It is very small and will fit easily in your pocket or on your keychain.  Because its portability is great you could buy a few and just leave them around for those time when you need a Quick charge!

Lets hope that Apple makes a better battery in the next iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C, because the one complaint that is overly evident in the “iPhone world”, is that the iPhone 5’s battery life is bad.  I will find myself needing a charge at some of the worts times ever.  Like right in the middle of the morning!  Sometimes my iPhone 5 only lasts 3 hours of heavy browsing which isn’t good at all!

I recently bought 5 charging USB cords off eBay the other month, because I needed to place them everywhere in my house so that I could hook up and get a charge at any time!

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