iPhone 5C IOS 7 First Look Rendered [VIDEO]


We recently posted about the Hilarious iPhone Announcement and now this hands on video!  A rendered video showing the iPhone 5C an all its glory!  Will you buying it?


The iPhone 5C is suspected to come soon as reported and will be seen September 10 via Apple.  We all are excited to see if the “C” in the iPhone 5, will prove to either stand for “CHEAP” or “CRAP.”  Its only a matter of time till the September 10 event.  Then we will see what the 5C has to bring.

iPhone 5C First Look Rendered [VIDEO]

The iPhone 5C is reported to be cheaper then all previous iPhones and will feature similar tech specs that will inclined many new buyers to go for its cheaply priced iPhone “alternative.”  You won’t be $699 off-contract and out of pocket, because this iPhone 5C only will run you $299 OFF-CONTRACT.  This is the best price that we have ever seen slapped on an iPhone to this date!

The video bellow shows a rendering of the newest addition to the iPhone Family; the iPhone 5C.  This iPhone dubbed as “C” sub model will be a cheaper and more affordable model of the iPhone.  You will see many peasants lining up for this iPhone because it will only stab you in the gut for $299!  $299 is the cheapest and best price, but it won’t be taking away from the quality.  Apple always delivers the best quality and this won’t be an exception.


Back when the iPhone 3G came out it was plastic.  This “5C” model as well as this iPhone 3G are plastic iPhone variations, but its quality will hold up under duress and massive amounts of use very well just as the 3G held up well.  We can see many old iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS still working fine and selling for prices above $100 on eBay and other outlets.  However do you see other androids that old still being sold for any good prices?  NOPE.  Its true, Apple turns every phone into gold that it produces but will this iPhone really be another big hit?  WIll people really want to buy it?  Only time will tell.

(Apple may also be making a Gold iPhone 5S if your worried about Apple not turning “everything” into gold! LOL)

As you can see, this iPhone 5C will look great running on IOS 7.  WIll you be buying the newest and cheapest iPhone; the iPhone 5C?

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