Drone Delivery By Amazon Claims To Ship Online Orders In 30 Minutes!


It sounds crazy, but Amazon is truly amazing everyone right now.  They have taken Drone delivery to the next level by aiming to use them as a delivery device.  As cool as it sounds, it might be the best commercial ever produced!  People will pay their condolences to sites like eBay if they can get their merchandise in just 30 minutes via drone delivery!  Many people are looking down on this idea as simply a unique marketing ploy to gather more business however with the existence of Amazon Prime and order fulfillment going to the next level, these 30-minute drone deliveries would truly take online ordering to the next level all together!


Most people think of “drones” as a controversial weapons and surveillance product, however with this new drone delivery idea via Amazon, ordering online could change!  Especially when you don’t have to wait more then 30 minutes.  In fact this is easier then going to the store, and as we all know, much cheaper!  Amazon cuts prices and many deals can be found which undercut most big box and small retailers when it comes to the price index.  This would just be one more reason to use Amazon.  Its genius, and a “dreamy” idea at best, but could this pose any threats to its existence?


The existence of drone propelled shipping (drone delivery) could induce a succession ill-wanted actions.  For example, if anyone wanted to simply have some fun, they might shoot them down out of the sky with a small gun or legal BB gun.  I don’t want to give anyone ideas, but this seems to be a threat that could quite decently present itself.  I personally think that the existence of such a service may be jeopardized by many obvious issues that could potentially plague the idea.  I do however applaud Amazon to being the first to try this out.  While it may not work, its a great idea and could prove essential in driving innovation when it comes to shipping and delivery.

Want to see it in action?  Watch the video below and see for yourself how cool this would in fact be!

(Source: CBS)

As you can see the drone delivery idea is amazing, but execution will be essential.  It does however make me wonder why the USPS, or other countries shipping systems haven’t collaborated with a similar drone delivery idea.  It could seriously aid the process, save money, and create more customers.  I can imagine a fleet of drones carrying many packages and dropping them off at various locations along the way.  If they could create a safe air path for these drones and if their noise levels were substantially low, this idea could thrive!  What do you think?

As of now, this feature will only be available to anyone living within 10 miles, and each package will obviously have a weight limit disclosed.  At some point this may be changed to accept heaver weight limits, but the future for this service could be limitless.  Lets just hope the FAA works with Amazon to achieve this shipping dream!

I can’t wait to see what future awaits such an idea.  What do you think?  Leave your comments about drone delivery below:


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