Microsoft Buys Nokia For $7.1 Billion Then Brands It As Microsoft?



Microsoft Buys Nokia For $7.1 Billion Then Brands It As Microsoft? – Many of us have seen Nokia throughout the years as it was the first company to originally make cell phones.  They were some of the first cell phones and smartphone ever made.  Microsoft has pushed its Microsoft MOBILE OS onto many of the Nokia phones as we have seen in the most recent past.  We also have seen the video of the new LUMIA 1020 NOKIA.

Nokia was recently purchased as reported today for a staggering $7.1 Billion.  This isn’t that huge of a number compared to Skype which was purchased for 8.5 Billion some time ago.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise, however since Microsoft was in fact working so closely with Nokia, it only seems right that they bought it!  However this is where it really gets interesting. 


Nokia is going to be removed and called the “Microsoft phone.”  No more “Nokia” is what it seems.  This the biggest surprise as we all remember Nokia from a long tim ago being the first and one of the best phones to hit the world earlier in the phone-boom of year 2000+.  This seems unlikely, however it was confirmer by RedmondPie just today that Nokia no longer will be branding most of their phones as “Nokia” anymore.  Instead they will be called “Microsoft.”

This could really get interesting fast for Nokia and Microsoft as this move may not be the best.  I personally believe that this could be a huge mistake.  Nokia has a long following and brand name equity throughout the life of its company.  Its sad that Microsoft is removing the name Nokia from the cell phone choices we have.  I honestly think that this choice could place their large purchase at an odds end.


Come on Microsoft!  You paid 7.1 Billion to remove the name “Nokia” for your own name “Microsoft?  It doesn’t make sense!  

Microsoft may reconsider as we all hope they will, however in the meantime it will be interesting to see how these two companies develop as the merger acquisition continues to unveil.

The new Nokia Lumia will be called “Microsoft Lumia” or something similar as reported by RedmondPie.

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(Source: Nokia)

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