The LG G Flex Self-Heals After Scratching, Extensive Bending, And Abuse!


If you haven’t already heard of the new LG G Flex smartphone, your in for a surprise!  While Apple works on its high quality exterior and durability, LG decides to take it to a completely different dimension.  With the LG G Flex, you can literally flex it!  Other then cool looking curved display, the internals and screen itself are built with the “flex” in mind!  The video seen below shows just how crazy and ridiculous this LG G Flex really is.  Not only is it flexible, but it is self-healing.


You can see in the video below that the LG G-Flex actually flexes and morphs itself to remove the scratches that are placed on it.  Lg actually did a demonstration of the G Flex via an advertisement.  In this controlled advertisement, they repeatedly put scratches on the G Flex’s rear panel.  After awhile, the back panel actually self-healed and the scratches were nearly gone completely.  This technology has never been seen before and were pretty excited to actually see the first actual results.  You can see them listed below in the video.

As you can see his environment in New York city was not the warmest and because of that you can imagine the less effective self-healing follows suit.  However the concept that is seen in the new LG G Flex is truly incredible.  The fact that it works is also truly incredible.

This LG G Flex also stands true to its name.  It can actually be flexed fairly well and doesn’t break at all!  Although it is unknown as to what happens to the internals, the actual seen abilities that this smartphone does in fact have are incredible!

With the Samsung Galaxy Round being released, the competition is still unknown as to which will win the battle of the “round.”  LG may win the “flex”, and “round” battle given the LG G Flex is the first to the table with actual self-healing technology and a flexible shell.

I personally am not extremely excited about a “round” design, however the concept of flexibility and self-healing is something that I think we all can get excited about!  My question is when will the iPhone feature such technology?  Also how does this self-healing material feel to touch?  Will it have the same “quality” feel that all of us want?  These are all questions that have yet to be answered by anything but the future.  Only time will tell, but were all excited to see what the future brings

Via: Gizmodo


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