iPhone 5S, Apple iWatch, And iPhone 5C Design / Specifications Rumor Roundup For Sept 10!


iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Design / Specifications – We all are awaiting the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and possibly the Apple iWatch.  We now have some confirmed facts that were brought to us by MacRumors.  While the iPhone 5S will have many enhanced features, the actual size of the screen, and design of the outside will stay the same.  However, many internal features will be changed in an attempt to boost sales throughout existing iPhone 5 users.  They hope that the new upgrades will be enough to really motivate new and existing iPhone users to start that new contract, Trade-in their iPhones and upgrade to the iPhone 5S!

iPhone 5S, Apple iWatch, And iPhone 5C Design : Specifications

(image via: MacRumors)

The list of most likely will include what MacRumors is suggesting that we will get.  The following new and added features:

  • Same if not similar design and outer dimensions
  • Fingerprinting scanner (We recently reviewed the fingerprint scanning possibility here:  iPhone Fingerprint scanner)
  • An improved camera with larger dual LED Flash.
  • An improved camera F stop which will be widened to F/2.0 Aperture!
  • A storage option of 128GB will be added into the mix also.  Users needing a LOT of space will be inclined to buy this model i’m sure!
  • The iPhone 5S will be offered in different color variations (We recently reviewed the color variations possibility here: iPhone 5C Colors)

These rumors seem to be fairly consistent with the previous releases of the iPhone.  When the iPhone 4 came out it was a completely different design then the iPhone 3Gs, however the 3Gs was no different then the iPhone 3G.  We expect that the iPhone 5C will follow suit with previous launch designs and the rhythm that Apple carries from iPhone 3G>3GS and iPhone 4>4S and iPhone 5>5S.  The model and the model with the “S” signified the same outer model, but different internals.  This will most likely prove true again!

red-iphone 5c

iPhone 5C (Cheaper iPhone Model)

With the approaching date of September 10, we also expect that the iPhone will come in another new and cheaper variation.  This reported iPhone will be called the iPhone 5C.  While this iPhone will be cheaper, it will feature similar internals of the iPhone 5S or possibly the iPhone 5.  The design will be more of a plastic structured back plate.  We will bring you more news as we get it, however if you want to see what the iPhone 5C looks like you can go here:  iPhone 5C Image And Pictures.  The iPhone 5C seems to be a confirmed iPhone model, because of a recent post we made regarding a leaked image showing many iPhone 5C models being tested on a rack.  You can see that here:  iPhone 5C enters testing stages.  This is all the information we have, but make sure to follow us in Facebook for more news on the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S as they come to us!

Apple iWatch / Smart watch (The response to the Galaxy Gear watch?)  (Read More On Apple iWatch Developments -> Apple iWatch)

Many people are saying that this could be the “next big thing” however we have yet to see confirmed prototypes on the iWatch by Apple yet.  We will however be keeping you updated on the iWatch news as we see it!  Apple has been working on the iPhone 5C, and this is confirmed via: MacRumors.  If you want to read our next post, go here:

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(source: MacRumors)


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