Apple iPhone Warranty Check, Warranty Instructions Tips, And iPhone Warranty Help!


Apple iPhone Warranty Check, Instructions, And Help! – If you have an iPhone and it has an issue or problem, your likely covered!  Rest-assured and know that Apples warranty is the BEST WARRANTY EVER!

Im sure you have that moment where your vibrate switch on your iPhone stops working properly.  Maybe your in an important meeting and your alarm embarrassingly turns on in the middle even when the switch is in the OFF position!  This happens.  Your Apple devices could potentially have issues.  From weird screen issues, to bad batteries, and IOS issues related to hardware, Apple has you covered by the best warranty that any company has ever offered any consumer to date!


How It Works:  All you have to do is go into your local Apple store and exchange it.  They wont give you a used iPhone, they give you a BRAND new iPhone!  No other device company ever has done this with its defected products.  They don’t just fix the issue like your sad Samsung service, instead, Apple replaces the WHOLE DARN PHONE!  Even though it may be a Apple-Certified Refurb, your device looks and feels brand new.  There are also NO scratches present either.  Its the best warranty you will ever experience and Apple gets an A+ on all warranty related issues.  No other company treats its warranties the same.

Send In Option: Apple also will give you the option to send in your iPhone.  They give you a prepaid label by USPS.  This label is NOT priority or anything close to that. No no no!  They give you OVERNIGHT shipping so that your device gets replaced or fixed in a VERY small timeframe!  I recently sent in a Samsung Galaxy S3, and sadly they took about 3 weeks.  This isn’t a joke.  I cant believe Samsung can even call their warranty a “warranty”, because honestly its a sad representation for “costumer service.”

Instructions To Get Your Warranty:

  1. First you must locate your serial number.  This is not the EMEI, it is the SERIAL NUMBER.  This number is located in a few possible places.  If you have a iPhone that is working, you can simply go into the settings and go to “General” then navigate to “About.”  After this, you just scroll down and see the number that is given in the “Serial Number” field! If you have the serial number skip to step 3.
  2. If your phone wont turn on, its a Problem finding the serial, but its OK!  Because how will you find your serial number.  Dont worry!  You can still get the serial number.  I have sent-in many Apple iPhones, and it was because I knew exactly where to look to find the serial.  If you have an iPhone 3G, or 3GS, you can look on the back of the sim card tray.  Then you will find the serial number on that written very small.  If you have an iPhone 4, 4S, or 5, it is located inside case of the aluminum case.  Some manufacture dates do affect the location of the serial number, however usually its easily accessible.  Just take off the battery cover and you will see it located near the battery.  This helps a lot if you cant locate the serial number inside the settings!  You must have your serial number to preform a Apple iPhone Warranty Check.  When you have the serial number go to step 3!
  3.  Now you need to take your serial number and go to Apples warranty check website located here:  Apple iPhone Warranty Check
  4. Now simply enter the serial number in the box  seen bellow, and press enter!  Apple iPhone Warranty Check
  5. When you have entered the serial number and selected Continue, you will be prompted with the menu seen bellow.iPhone-Warranty-Help
  6. If you have warranty it will have a nice green check-mark.  If you don’t, your out of luck, and sorry…  But if you do, put a smile on your face and continue!
  7. Now you will select the “set up repair“.  Then you will be prompted with the options that Apple gives you to send your device in.
  8. After its completed, Apple will give you a nearly brand new iPhone and you will have your issues fixed!


  • If you have a WATER DAMAGED iPhone, or any damage that was “accidental” then Apple wont replace your iPhone, however they are fairly “nice” when it comes to this, and many times you might be lucky!
  • Also make sure you DONT have any jailbreak applied or counterfeit cases on the back.  If your iPhone does, you have VOIDED your warranty.  Put your original covers back on it or anything you need to do, your your iPhone WONT be repaired.  Its also not a good idea to use counterfeit products.  Use Original Apple only!

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