Rear Case Scratch Test On iPhone 5C [VIDEO]


Apple-iPhone-5C-logoRear Case Scratch Test On iPhone 5C – As many of you know the iPhone 5C is rumored to appear by Apple on September 10, 2013.  We have seen the white iPhone 5C images earlier when we blogged about it, however this iPhone 5C review involves the back panel stress test and scratch test.  In this video you will see how well it holds up to the scratching of keys, paper clips, and other pieces of every-day scratching items.  However it isn’t 100% for sure accurate because the actual plastic shell depicted within this video could potentially be fake, and thus not give a real scratch representation within the video.  This is however the one of the only scratch videos of the reported shell of the iPhone 5C, so I would give it a credible standing.

Rear Case Scratch Test On iPhone 5C


The iPhone 5C images that we all saw earlier this week were a representation of the color white, however the report is going about the internet that Apple will be producing some other colors to throw in the mix.  The iPhone 5C will come in blue, salmon color, and a few other off colored schemes that seem to definitely be “cheap” colors.  I however would opt for the white model because it seems to be the best looking aside from the baby-blue looking color and the off-orange salmon color that have been circulating on the net.

Apple daily has been able to confirm that the sizing dimensions of this iPhone 5C will stand 124.55 mm tall and 59.13 mm wide.  We also can note that the thickness is going to be thicker then the iPhone 5, and iPhone 5S.  The iPhone 5C also has been reported to not have SIRI functionality.  The thicker iPhone profile will be due to the fact that the plastic must be thicker to withstand the necessary abuse that your daily iPhone will go through.  Most likely this one will have a higher quality back panel then the older iPhone 3GS when reviewed.

You may be amazed by the quality when you see this video bellow!

What do you think?  It doesn’t seem to bad for a all plastic back panel.  The iPhone 3GS sold nearly better then any other iPhone on the market for its time and you can still find iPhone 3GS units selling for over $100-$200 dollars, which is more then any other android phone for its age.  We know that Apple will do an excellent making the iPhone 5C worthy of the buy.  We also have rumors and confirmed quotes that the iPhone 5C will be cheaper then we first thought.  The price will run $300 off contract, and I assume that on contract it will run for $0-99 price range.  This isn’t a bad price at all for a iPhone brand new from Apple.  If they can keep the same similar quality or more as their previous iPhones we will have a winner in fact!

iPhone 5C Comfort:

The iPhone 5C will have a more comfortable feel we believe because of the smooth ergonomic plastic back will lend it self comfort like in the case of the iPhone 3GS.  People still felt that the iPhone 3GS is more comfortable then the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S and possibly even the iPhone 5.  What will be your motivation to buy the iPhone 5C?


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