Counterfeit iPhone And Apple Products Taken By Police Worth $89,000! [VIDEO]


Counterfeit iPhone And Apple Products Taken By Police – We havent seen somerthing like this happen for a long time, but it just happened at a Maryland Mall just a few days ago!  [Watch the video bellow on the iPhone parts BUST!]


The video bellow shows most of the actions taken by the Maryland Police, however basically what happened was a “counterfeit-bust”  It was at a mall kiosk that sold iPhones and iPads.  However these iPads and iPhones had replaced screens and backs that were not technically “real-Apple.”

Many people have been in the iPhone repair and re-sale business within the past few years and the “iPhone-market-boom” however this so called “bust” is a wake-up call for those that repair iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products.  Many of these devices have the “Apple” logo, so people assume that they are the “real thing” however the quality standards are not the same.  Apple fears that this may reduce the satisfaction that people have on those “APPLE” products that have replaced screens and replaced parts that are “NON-OEM.”  While this may be true, honest sellers of these products that have replaced non-oem Apple products for sale, disclose this fact so that consumers realize that the “iPhone” they are buying may not be original.  This doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.  But the police in Maryland don’t seem to think that this is an issue!  The video report bellow comes from WBAL-TV 11.

As you can see, these police bought products and took them to an Apple technician to see if they were “original.”  Of coarse they are not because Apple doesn’t even sell original parts (that I know myself)  and they defiantly don’t sell them to the everyday business or consumer!

I personally feel that what they are doing here is completely unfair.  how can these iPhone repair kiosks in malls continue business?  Also people should have already “known” that these items were not original Apple.  Apple doesn’t sell parts!  Go to, and you wont find any parts for sale.  They don’t sell parts period.  You can only find “counterfeit” or “non-oem” replacement parts on eBay, or other places.  Replacing these parts is easy which makes the business opportunity great.  I personally believe that Apple may be part of this Police “take-down.”

This is not fair, and unjust.  These products were not sold as “Original Apple” and stealing someones devices for this reason is uncalled for!

How come all the auto parts stores in the U.S. don’t get shut down?  They sell parts for cars, and the car makers don’t control and shut them don’t for being “counterfeit” or “NON-OEM.”  Other repair businesses should be the same.  We live in America.  Don’t you think we deserve the right to have any “NON-OEM” parts installed that we want?  On anything?  Our iPhone, Our car, Our house!  It shouldn’t matter what!  Its “us” as the consumer that must make the choice and decision.  NOT the manufacturers or control freak “police” that think they busted some “huge” crime.  Its lame, pathetic, and sad!

iPhone counterfeit parts taken by  police

Was this an Apple-conspiricy?  Possibly so!

Apple recently started the iPhone trade-in program which we reviewed a few days ago (here: Apple iPhone Trade-In).  However Apple is seeking to control people.  I personally own and love my iPhone 5, but this is a little far!  Apple may have NOTHING to do with this “bust”  but they are trying to control these “trade-in” options, and the kiosks take in more broken iPhones then you would ever believe!  They then use NON-OEM parts and then re-sell the iPhone at a higher price.  Apple doesn’t like this and I believe that they are using the police, media, and all other avenues to tie-up all the odd ends when it comes to iPhone re-sale and repair.

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