New iPhone 5C Seen Again In Packaging And More Images!

New iPhone 5C Seen Again In Packaging And More Images – These iPhone 5C images were released and covered on MacRumors in the past 2 days and show the iPhone 5C in several color configurations.  The outer packaging is also seen in the pictures showing a round plastic container as you see bellow.


As you can see the iPhone 5C seen above seems to be the real thing.  The iPhone 5C will be a cheaper iPhone that will be available for purchase without a contract under a new and never before cheaper price of $299.  This no-contract price will be the cheapest iPhone ever produced.  The quality however that has been seen in these images and the past images doesn’t seem too bad at all for the price of only $299.00.  Most iPhones like the iPhone 5 cost us $200 with a contract.  This price with a contract after 2 years and with service is close to apron. $3000 (Sprint USA).  The unsubsidized price of the iPhone 5 is $699.  However this one will be sold unsubsidized and named the “Apple iPhone 5C” for only $299!

We have been following all the rumors in the Apple iPhone 5C, and you can see them bellow:


This image shows the yellow, white, and blue units being tested on the workbench via  Its not sure if these are legitimate images, however they seem to look like the real thing!  Via MacRumors, these are legitimate and will be seen in stores sometime after the September 10 launch date detailed by Apple.

The iPhone 5C seems to stand for “Cheap”, however when Apple makes its press release we will truly know what it stands for.  For now, it stands for “Cheap” and hopefully not “Crap.”



These images above and bellow show the iPhone 5C’s paper documentation which will be included in the box as reported via MacRumors.  It is also interesting to note that Apple will be including a chrome sim key again for the first time in 2 years!  No more finding that paper clip, because Apple is including a premium “Sim Key” which will be included inside the package of the iPhone 5C.


iPhone-5C-box Pink-iPhone-5C


Apple also will produce a pink version or salmon colored version of the iPhone 5C.  These color variations that seem to be real are an indication of Apples passion for defeating small color modifying shops and repair shops.  We recently posted about the seized non-OEM iPhone parts:  Counterfeit Apple Parts Seized By Police Worth $89,000.

Even though this wasn’t said to be “Apples” doing, I myself believe that this could be Apple trying to scare shops out of town!  It isn’t right, and no one should get shops like this in trouble.  Why?  To be honest its like seizing all the auto part stores part’s and telling them they can’t sell non-OEM parts because they decrease the brand reliability.  Thats my 2-cents.  It doesn’t make sense why someone would do this to a apple repair store.

Apple will however be producing more colors of its iPhone 5C.  Hopefully this will satisfy the color-happy people that are the ones getting their iPhone colors changed most times.  Maybe Apple is getting jealous of the people monetizing off of their Apple products by changing the colors.

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(source: MacRumors)

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