Jobs Film With Ashton Kutcher Review


Jobs Film With Ashton Kutcher ReviewJobs Film With Ashton Kutcher Review – Finally I got into the theatre to watch the “Jobs” movie.  Before the movie I heard a lot of good and bad.  I have also have followed Steve Jobs work throughout his life when he was alive and carried an intense interest because I assimilate with him as an entrepreneur and person!  Many reviewers of this movie were very disappointed with the majority of the content.  I myself have good and bad to say.

I personally think that the Jobs Film With Ashton Kutcher may be a monetization on the recent death of Steve Jobs as many critics are saying, however it did portray some important points about Steve Jobs!  Some that we should actually learn from and implement in our own lives and some traits we shouldn’t.  Not everything about Steve Jobs was golden!

Jobs Film With Ashton Kutcher


I think it’s important to watch a movie like this and take something from it instead of watching as “just another movie.”  This movie had a lot to learn from.  I loved the movie because Steve Jobs inspires me and gives me an example of someone that really had a true vision and put his all into his ideas even when he was kicked off the team, or when people didn’t believe in him.

Bellow are 3 good points that we should take home and a list of 3 bad points that we shouldn’t be implementing in our lives including those reasons why.

The Good Points:

  1. Steve Jobs was a visionary.  He was able to visualize what he wanted and he was able to tell others exactly what he wanted.  Or rather he knew what he wanted when he saw it.  At times he wasn’t the nicest about it.  He fired people on the spot for their perceived disrespect for the goal and mission, but in the end Steve knew how to make his idea reality throughout his mistakes.  In the end it was worth it.
  2. Steve wasn’t worried about what people thought he still went forward with the ideas he KNEW were the best.  Even after near-falure and getting kicked off the team he still went for what he believed in.  In our lives we need to go with our gut, go with what we know is best, and do the right we know!  Steve went for what he believed in.  What would this world be like if each of us went for our passion like Steve did?
  3. Jobs was able to see potential in someones idea.  He was able to see that the “first idea” was really something worth perusing.  In fact he took an idea and made it something better then it would have ever been without his vision of the idea.  Many of us can see the potential in other ideas but do we truly put 100% into them?  Do we truly invest our full focus on ideas when we know they have huge potential?  I personally know that after being able to identify this success fact I will be driving towards ideas I believe in a knew and renewed way!

The Bad Points:

  1. While jobs was in fact a great inovationist, he didn’t get all the ideas himself.  He also didn’t give credit to others the way he should and at times he wasn’t the most honest.  If you gain the whole world and loos your honesty, integrity and your best friends what is the point?  Many of us would agree that steve jobs had the “life”  he had money, cars, houses, anything, and a great job that he enjoyed, however its not all a bright side!  Jobs lost a lot of good friends, he wasn’t always honest, and he didn’t keep a perfect line of integrity.
  2. After reading the “Steve Jobs” book and now the Jobs Film With Ashton Kutcher, I can come to the conclusion that having a truly “good” life may not mean everything that it meant for Steve Jobs.  Its at least a good thought to ponder as I invest my own life in entrepreneurial ventures, ideas, and businesses.  It may also be a good thought for you.
  3. While Steve jobs did well at taking ideas and making them “awesome”, he stole a lot of ideas.  He wasn’t always the “first inventor”  He actually took many ideas and made them his own and put his “big name” on them, making them better, and called them his own.  It may be karma or what ever you call it that he was actually kicked off his own team at one point.  This may have been a wake up call that was coming his way!  However I do respect the ideas that he did create.  He did make many of his own ideas.  He was a visionary entrepreneur with the inspiration and motivation that wouldn’t have driven the ideas without his presence!


It was a good movie for the simple fact that it brought reminded me of why I am motivated in life.  It also motivated me more towards my own ideas.  It inspired me.  No matter how many times I fall I should peruse my ideas that I believe whole-heartedly.  I should give credit to others as Jobs sometimes failed to do.   I should put people before the motivation for an “idea” or “website” or “product.”  People always last longer.  They bring more happiness.

Steve Jobs actually treated his body un-heathfully at times because his motivation drove him to work longer hours.  This also could have given him more stress.  Sure he was inspired, but is it worth your lifetime to loose it from your own ideas and thoughts?  He also didn’t put family first as much as I’m sure he could have.  We all have things we could improve on and I myself am one that needs improvement in many aspects that will effect my life to come.  We are always the own caption of our own ship.  We have the ability to do anything we set our mind fully on.  Its our choice.  We decide.


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