How To Turn Off Location Photo Tracking Camera On iPhone, Android And Other Smartphones


Did you know that ALL your photos can track you down to exactly where you took them?  You probably didn’t know that! – ANY of your pictures that you post to your Facebook account or share via email have location tracking information that shows exactly where every one was taken, down to the EXACT street!  This is a really cool feature if you want to remember where a photo was taken, however it could pose HUGE threats if you don’t protect yourself when using this feature.  This feature is enabled on most iPhones, Androids and blackberry devices.  Your privacy isn’t totally compromised, because we are going to show you step by step simple instructions on how to TURN-OFF this location tracking feature so you wont have issues when you share your photos.

How To Turn Off-Location-Tracking-Camera

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We all like to share our cool photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest but the threats of using your smartphone is higher then you would normally think.  Lets say you share a picture of your new office that you just moved into.  Well thats cool, however most images are publicly available and if someone sees that picture, all they have to do is put it into special programs or just upload it to an iPhone and see exactly where it was taken!  In fact you can see the coordinates of where each picture was taken just by looking at the “get info” on that photo.

Without special care to removing these location based photo tracking systems, you could be vulnerable to theft, rape, and other things that you don’t want!  Ill show you in the following instructions how to remove these options inside your smartphone, iPhone, or Blackberry device.  Don’t worry, you can begin again with a new level of protection.  If you know anyone that could be vulnerable to these threats because of their photo tracking phone, make sure they know what their phone is doing each time they take a picture.  If you share this, you could save your friends a lot of trouble if a photo was compromised and someone found the exact location of where you lived?

if your girlfriend was super smart and geeky, she could ruin your surprise by finding your location if you ever posted a photo on your way to see her!  This is the least of your worries.  Some people’s things get stolen because people can track the location of where the photo was taken, and hence showing where the things are for theives to steal.  Change your settings soon so you wont be compromised.

How To Turn Off Location Photo Tracking On iPhone / iPad / IOS

  1. Head to the “Settings” app
  2. Select “General”
  3. Select “Location Services”
  4. Set Camera to “Off”

Some older versions of IOS cannot turn off location based services on all apps at a time.  You will have to select the location based services individually or just update your iPhone.  If you have a iPhone 3G, you wont be able to update and thats just too bad; you own a Apple, and its rotten.  Sorry!

How To Turn Off Location Photo Tracking On Android Phones

  1. Start your “camera” application
  2. Hit the “Settings” button
  3. Scroll on down and find the “GPS Tag” option and turn it to “off”

If you have an older Android version it may be called “Store Location,” but the process stays the same to switch it off!

How To Turn Off Location Photo Tracking On Windows Phone 7 / 8

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Select “Applications”
  3. Go down to “Pictures & Camera”
  4. Set “include location (GPS) info in Pictures you take” to “Off”

How To Turn Off Location Photo Tracking On Blackberry Devices

  1. Open the “Camera” app
  2. Set Location icon to “Disabled”

For most earlier versions, select the Menu and Option buttons before changing your setting to “Disabled.”

Now you can rest easy and know that the pictures you share from now on wont be giving out confidential information pertaining to your location.  If your settings are configured the way directed above you wont have any problems with location being attached to your photos, however if you are very serious and very worried call your phone service line to make sure you are covered.  There are no other methods that we have found other then the methods listed above.

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