Sony’s Carl Zeiss Camera Attachment Lens Accessory For iPhone Or Android


Sony-CameraThe iPhone 5, and now many other Android devices actually have great cameras, in fact the iPhone 5, is rated one of the best smartphone cameras on the internet, however the lens’s are slightly lacking when it comes to quality and zoom.  I have also noticed that Macro ability is diminished when it comes to the iPhone 5.  This new lens accessory by Sony’s Carl Zeiss claims to make your iPhone pictures thousands of times better!  The image bellow actually shows the quality of the lens, and it is truly astounding and remarkable!

If your a photographer, this might be the perfect accessory for a wedding shoot.  The quality of the reported new Sony phone will have a 41 mega pixel camera.  The model is a Lumia 1020.  This accessory will work with all smartphones that you can download the app for.



As you can see the distant object’s turn into a DSLR “looking” and “feeling” image!  We are impressed with the claimed quality.  You can also attach different lenses within the kit which improve the actual optics of the iPhone, or android phone that you are using.  These lens models are DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 as seen and reported in the images in the post.  You can see that they take some stunning photography, but the next question, is will they be affordable?  The answer to that is no!  The price tag is about $500+.  If you have the money its a great accessory, however for the price-concious consumer this isn’t the best accessory.



When you get this lens, it will come with an app that will be downloadable in iTunes, or the Android store.  This app will connect to the lens via reported Wi-Fi, and it will change settings to make the perfect picture for you!   What do you think?  Will you shell out the $500 necessary dollars for this accessory?

(Source: SonyAlphaRumors)


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