iPad Air Released — Here’s The Price, Specs, And All You Need To Know!


Everyone thought that the new iPad Air would be called “iPad 5.”  However the digital universe and blogging atmosphere has been thrown a curve ball!  The iPad AIR is the best iPad that Apple has produced and it was just recently released yesterday!  It comes with all the standard Apple tablet features, however it is much lighter, thinner, and apparently “more awesome” all at the same time.


The iPad Air Price, Specs, And All You Need To Know!

A new bezel, thinner design, lighter weight, a faster processor, and a higher “coolness” factor is just a few things that you should know about the new iPad Air!  Continue reading on the iPad Air’s significance.

It includes all the standard features for the Apple tablet iPad family however there are some significant changes that will most likely lead you to upgrade.  First of all its lighter then any tablet yet produced in its size class.  The shape and form has changed to feature a more squared back design.  It looks like a enlarged iPad mini.


The Exterior

The exterior has also changed in its thinness.  The thickness has now been shrunk by the shrink experts of Apple to a mere 1.75 millimeters.  The Apple iPad has never become this thin before and were all excited!  The bezel around the edge of this new iPad air is also 43% smaller then the previous models.


Not only is the new iPad Air thinner, but its also considerable lighter.  It’s actually 28% lighter then the previous iPad in this same screen size category.  it only weights 1 pound!  Hand fatigue from using the larger screen sized iPads won’t happen when you get this iPad Air, because Apples engineers have lightened it to the perfect touch.  The balance between weight and the “quality feel” have finally been realized in this new iPad Air.  This new iPad isn’t only a well balanced iPad when it comes to the exterior and aesthetics, but the inside components have been upgraded to reflect the superior quality on the exterior.


Performance Enhanced

Apple has gifted this beautiful product, the iPad Air, with a A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor.  This is the same as the iPhone 5S.  With this extra speed upgrade comes increased functionality when your using graphic intensive games, apps, or other intensive activities.  It’s the best processor that Apple makes, and now its in the best iPad that Apple makes, the iPad Air.


The batteries performance has also been improved to last up to 10 hours.  This obviously depends on your type of usage, but it’s an impressive statement nonetheless.  We expect reviews to hit the web concerning the real-life battery life.  However in the past, the Apple iPad product lineup has never disappointed when it comes to increased and excellent battery life.  We all want better battery life, but we also want a thinner design.  Apple has again found a perfect balance!

Not only this but Apple has done even more.  They have given us a better camera!  This is what many iPad owners have been waiting for, and now its available all in the new iPad Air.

Rear Camera Specifications:

  • 1080P HD Video recording
  • Software enabled Video Stabilization
  • Face Detection option
  • Tap To Focus while recording
  • 3X Video recording zoom
  • 5MP Camera with F/2.4 Aperture
  • Backside Illumination
  • Poto & Video Geo-taging

Front Camera Specifications:

  • 1.2MP Photo taking ability
  • 720P HD Video Recording
  • Photo & Video Geo-taging

Retina Display Specifications:

  • 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
  • 2048-by-1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating

The Price

The Apple iPads seem to follow the same price structure through Apple.  The price is tiered.  The 3G+WiFi models are obviously more expensive by around $100 extra dollars.  If you use 3G and want your iPad to act as an “anywhere-internet” device, you should go with the 3G.  However if you are around wi-fi and have a smartphone with internet enabled, theres a good chance that the WiFI model is just enough and adequate.  The prices of the models are seen below.

iPad Air WiFi Price:

  • 16GB — $499
  • 32GB — $599
  • 64GB — $699
  • 128GB — $799

iPad Air 3G+WiFi Price:

  • 16GB — $629
  • 32GB — $729
  • 64GB — $829
  • 128GB — $929

iPad Air Summary

Yes, the new iPad Air is expensive, but the overall specifications indicate that the price really isn’t that bad to todays standards.  Many other tablets made by other brands actually cost similar, but with the iPad, you get Apple quality.  You also get the 1 year warranty which is better then any warranty offered by any company.  I have experienced the warranty myself and they do everything to make you happy.  Not only that, but the iPad has quality that is seen in every aspect.  Quality is worth paying for I believe.  This iPad Air isn’t an exception at all.  What do you think?

(via: Apple)


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