iPhone addiction – What Is Life Like Without iPhone Apps? [INFOGRAPHIC]


iPhone addiction – What Is Life Like Without iPhone Apps? – This study comes from eBay.  eBay has been known for a lot of bad ebay things and good ebay things.  Recently we reviewed the WOES of an eBay customer.  However this post is done by an eBay study of over 200 participants so it should be fairly credible!

200 people were entered into this study.  Each of the participants was able to us iPhone apps and then not use any iPhone apps for 4 days.  The results are very interesting as it shows how much we really do rely on our iPhones and smartphones in our everyday lives!  It also shows a possible addiction trend since the rise of the smartphone!

What Is Life Like Without iPhone Apps

eBay challenged these participants to really see how life is without apps.  Its very interesting that over 1/3 of ALL of the participants couldn’t actually make it through the 4 days.  They couldn’t handle the loss of not having their iPhone.  This truly shows an addiction!

As seen bellow the most common us sages of your iPhone are as follows:

  • Social networking with iPhone apps.

  • Photo sharing via apps and networks

  • Navigation and GPS functionality.

  • Daily weather apps.


Most people as you can read and see bellow felt utterly powerless and lost without their iPhone and apps.  This also is another strong indicator that your smartphone is in fact addicting!  The other facts are in the image bellow.



Should smartphone usage really be this deeply addicting in our daily lives?  I personally feel that this addiction could be ruining our society IQ and making it slightly harder for our lives to continue in more normal ways.  Before we lived fine, but after we can’t live without it?  Isn’t this a bad thing?


This info graphic re-uncovers the understated fact that out iPhones and smartphones are addicting though the pas we use daily.  We can’t do anything without them!  What if someone too away our iPhones?  Our smartphones?  And our computers what would happen?  Chaos might actually happen!  What do you think?

(source: eBay)

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