iOS 7 Motion Sickness — Some Users Can’t Handle IOS 7!


Many users are sadly reporting “iOS 7 Motion Sickness” as the chief issue they have with Apple’s new IOS 7.  Many people are saying that this iOS 7 Motion Sickness is caused by the transition effects that Apple has newly put in place with the new iPhone IOS.  Only some users are effected though and it doesn’t seem like Apple is prepared to take action on this news.

Ios 7 is truly a hit with most iPhone users updating their IOS within the first 3 hours.  In fact it is reported that 18% undated within only 24 hours!  It truly is a hit with most people, but to some people are getting hit with something else.  iOS 7 Motion Sickness.  This involves and transition effects and the movements that are used in the iPhone and iPad running IOS 7.


The main complaint is the way that IOS 7 does its transitions to and from apps.  For example, when you open a app you see all the other apps flying past you and the same when closing that app.  While this “iOS 7 Motion Sickness” is plaguing many iPhone and iPad users, others seem to be fine with it.

When I first downloaded the IOS 7 onto my iPhone 5, I did experience some “iOS 7 Motion Sickness”, however after a few days of use, my eyes and body have got used to the fact that everything is moving a little bit faster.  A few other friends that I know updated, felt the same iOS 7 Motion Sickness, then after awhile it lifted.  We’re sure that if Apple truly has enough complaints they might fix it.  Originally IOS 6 had transition effects, but they were blurred so that you didn’t see the segmented edges of the apps flying by.  That is the chief issue with IOS 7.  The apps fly by at a rapid rate as you enter and exit an app.  These visible edges of the apps that seem to fly by are what really is causing this “iOS 7 Motion Sickness.”  A simple solution that Apple could make is simply changing the apps and making it blur as it zooms in and out of apps.  This would smooth out the transitions that you eyes have to roughly deal with each time you enter and exit an app.


All the other visual-UI effects seen in IOS 7 seem to be fine other then the “zoom in” and “zoom out” features which were updated from IOS 6’s blur in/out effect from before.  While iOS 7 is “awesome” in many ways, there are some improvements that Apple could make.  I believe that in some ways IOS 7 looks a little messy.  IOS 7 also has a lot of color saturation which at times can make one go crazy!  The colors that fly past you during the transition effects also may be attributing to the “iOS 7 Motion Sickness.”  We’re hoping that Apple does something new with this, because it may drive some people clear away from iPhones altogether.  Perhaps iOS 7 should give you the ability to change to different transition effects.  This would give each user a experience that he/she really wants.  I don’t think that APple will do this, however it might help all those that are experiencing “iOS 7 Motion Sickness.”

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