Feed Us 5 Cheats


These are the Feed us 5 Cheats for the Feed Us 5 Five Game developed by GamesFree.  The game Feed Us 5 is a game developed by GamseFree and it involves a lot of fun eating and feeding frenzy game play.  These cheats truly make it a better gaming experience, so don’t hesitate to enter the cheats and beat the game easier!  These are the Feed Us 5 Cheats.  You can also watch the video bellow for more info!


This game is a little gross and involves a vicious eating frenzy gameplay by eating blood and eating things you become even more vicious.  However these cheats will get you through quicker!

We have many more cheats to games like this.  We hope that these Feed Us 5 Cheats were helpful as you go into the sea and feed yourself on anything worth finding.

Here are all the cheats We Know:


  • SPEEDY – Make your fish very fast, very very fast. Like a bullet!
  • BOOST – This cheat can give you a infinite tail boosts.
  • GOTAIR – You won’t run out of air with this cheat code on board!
  • KRAKEN – Call kraken much faster, however only if you have already unlocked it previously.
  • BITE –  Eat a whole victim in one bite!
  • BREAD – Gain 10 litres of blood instantly!
  • PADDED – Your piranha will be invincible.
  • KING – Blow up as a very big fish!
  • FLEES – Shrink your character.  Shrink him with this code.

We hope that you enjoyed these cheats and come back for more!  Thank you for reading about the Feed Us 5 Cheats.  

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