Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 2: iPhone/iPad/Android


This is the Part 2 of the logos quiz answers level 4 post that we previously posted.  If you want Part 1, please go here:  Logos Quiz Answers Level 4.  These answers and cheats will help you get on to the next level in the logo quiz game app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.

If you need Part 1, please go here:  Part 1 Logos Quiz Answers

What Is Logos Quiz Game?

The logos quiz app game, is a game where you guess the name of the logo and continue to a new level.  The logos are from around the world, so at times it may be hard to get the right answer.  You have to answer the answer correctly to go on to the next level, so the difficulty level is high!  These answers provided below are the Part 2 to out previous post for the level 4 logos quiz answers.  If you need those answers, please go to our previous post or search our blog for more game app answers.  We hope that the answers below are helpful.  If you do in fact find these helpful, please do share them with your friends on Facebook or elsewhere.  To download the Logos quiz game app, please go to the bottom of the page and a link will be provided to download it on your IOS device or Android run device.

The images seen below are the Part 2 Answers for the logos quiz game app on level 4.  For the worded answers look below the graphic image.  You can also skip to the bottom for a YouTube video for logo Quiz Answers on level 4.


The levels indicated in the image above are Gillette with the 2 lines and a “h” looking object.  Atomic with the three sided arrow in red color.  Tag Heuer includes colored green and red down arrow label looking logo.  Glaxo Smith Kine with a G, S, and K.  Lincoln has a star cross with a square over it.  Goodyear is a tire company with a shoe and wings.  Bayer has a blue and green circle around B, Y, and R letters.  Galp is a design that has orange on the outside and a “G” symbol inside of it.  Fifa, Fox is 2 world looking soccer balls.  Subway is a green outline with arrows on both ends.  KFC is a image of a holder cook with red background logo.  Bridgestone has a red portion and a “b” that looks sharp.  TDK is a crazy looking star with inner arrows inside it.  Haagen Dazs ice cream company has a gold ring around white space.  Roxy is 2 quicksilver signs put together which look like a heart.  Breil is a black lined design that looks like a piece of rope coiled inside itself.  Corvette has the racing flags and Chevrolet symbol as the other flags going opposite directions.  Porsche car brand is a horse badge in gold, red, and black.  NorthFace is red background with some racing track sky view which curve as seen above.


The logos above include Fiat, Lucky Strike, Hummer, Lveco, Discovery Channel, Exxon, Tissot, Renault, Kodak, Billabong, Jeep, Burton, DHL shipping, Motorola, Camper, Hertz.

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Watch the video for the logos quiz level game app Here:  Watch Level 4 Video


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