Drive Yourself Up The Wall With These 6 Crazy USB Thumb Drives!


A Physically Lockable USB Thumb drive, a Jewel drive USB, 1TB Kingston USB thumb drive, Domino USB thumb drive, Lego style thumb drive,  and coin style USB thumb drives, are just a few of the crazy and wacky, in USB thumb drive technology.  If you travel, go to school, or ever have a need to transfer files, you most likely will need a USB thumb drive.  However these thumb drives seen below are not only cool, fancy, and weird, but are useful altogether!

1. Jewel USB Thumb Drive:

jewel-drives jewel-usb-thumb-drive JewelDrives offer some crazy options for your USB thumb drive fetish.  These not only store files, but they also give some bling worthy of attribution!  Most of the these cool thumb drives are actually offered in 14K gold!  The following features apply:

  • 100% solid metal with no plastic.
  • Gold Plated 14k Gold!
  • Real Swarovski Crystals.
  • Flash Storage Is via Intel!
  • Magnetic Cap.

These USB thumb drives are the best you can get when it comes to “Fancy” and “affordable”, you can order and read more on

2. Domino USB Thumb Drive:

domino-usb-drive Yes, these domino USB thumb drives are 2 real thumb drives combined on one.  You can get these cool USB thumb drives in most places across the internet.  Its just another way to be cool, look cool, and store files!

3. Physically Lockable USB Thumb Drive:

usb thumb drive black crypteks-usb-flash-drive-5   You think you have seen crazy and cool?  Well thats not enough, because this amazingly cool USB thumb drive Cryoteks takes your fetish for the USB thumb drive to the next level!  This thumb drive is physically lockable and is much more secure then nearly any thumb drive available today.  If you have data that needs to be saved, checkout the Cryoteks lockable drive.  It is available in 4, 8, and 16GB model variations!  You can read more on their website here:  Cryoteks.

4. 1TB Super Compact USB Thumb Drive:

usb-thumb-drive-1-TB One of the coolest things about technology is that it keeps getting smaller and smaller.  With this decrease in space and increase in “space”, prices are driven up.  This Usb drive by Kingston Technology, only costs $1,399 currently but serves you with 1TB of space.  Its also features flash storage that reads at 240mb/sec, and writes at 160mb/sec.  This truly is the largest thumb drive that features a metal design and neat structure!  Check it out at  If you have an extra $1,399 laying around, this might be the USB thumb drive for you! lol.

5. Lego USB Thumb Drive:

colored-usb-thumb-drives If you were young once, these USB drives will drive you to your childhood and back with memories.  However the usefulness is just a lithe bit more then that.  These cool Thumb’s store and stack as legos also!  You can purchase these cool USB thumb drives from around the web.

6. Coin-Style USB Thumb Drive:

USB-Coin-drive Yes, theres nearly every kind of USB thumb drive, and this isn’t an exception!  These USB drives list the amount of storage on the coin similar to the value of a coin.  A great design, but slightly less cool then the previous USB thumb drives seen above. Do you like any of these weird, wacky ,and cool thumb drives?  Leave your comments below!


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