New Apple iWatch Concept Design Isn’t Your Ordinary Watch!


This new Apple iWatch, seems to be one of the best “iWatch” designs we have ever seen at the VaultFeed.  Many that we have seen looks cheesy, and un-real, however this one seems lifelike, real, and beautiful to be honest!  As you can see this iWatch is inside an aluminum inclosure.  Not only is it aluminum, but it also round in shape and has a plastic band that looks as though it is high quality.  It has many features that would take a lot of difficulty packing the battery and all inside the shape depicted in the pictures bellow.   Behold the iWatch!


The Apple iWatch would include features to call people aside from telling the time.  You would be able to talk to your watch through a Siri-similar assistant and do tasks as we are seeing the possibilities in IOS 7 for the iPhone.  You could also change the theme of the iWatch.  It would feature a Retina display in the round form, and you would see the watch as it were real in retina screen resolution quality!  You can also connect bluetooth from your iPhone and stream content back and forth.  We all hope that the Apple fruit company produces this fruit, the iWatch!  What do you think?


This Apple iWatch, would also feature a full calendar.  It seems to me that it would be fairly hard to see the details in the calendar, and thus render fairly useless, however it looks nice in the design above.  Also if you look at the image above, you can see that it is very thin,  In fact if they could pack all the technology inside that small iWatch, it would be amazing!  I personally don’t believe that the technology is here yet, but it looks very nice indeed.



See above:  The concept above also features a camera, dual speakers for increased sound quality.  There also is a microphone as seen above for communication via your iWatch.  There are only 2 simple buttons that would control the functions of the iWatch depending on the pre-set controls in the app itself.



In this design you hold the button to activate the SIRI assistant via your iWatch, or possibly even via your iPhone 6, or maybe it will be the iPhone 7 when it gets to that point!  Also you will be able to use FaceTime through your watch which seems like a crazy idea, however it looks very nice!



You can also see that the watch face would slightly brighten and vibrate for an alert of a SMS, or a voice call.  However my question is how would you reply?  And would this be a separate device apart from your iPhone, or would you have to have it connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth at all times?  These are all the unanswered questions that will be answered when Apple starts thinking more seriously about the iWatch.  Also they are thinking that you would click the watch face to integrate with the apps, and select etc.  This seems to be a fairly cheap feel, but it might be a good idea!


This seems to be a beautiful iWatch concept, and we all hope that it happens soon!  What do you think?  Do you think this is a good product for Apple to make?




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