5 iPhone Sound Docks — The Weird And The Wacky!


There are many iPhone sounds docks that people use when at home or at work, however some are weird, wacky, and awesome to say the least!  These 5 awesome sound docks seen below are not your every day gadgets that you see at Wall Mark or Circuit City!

  • 1. Timbre Glass Bowl iPhone Speaker Dock


As you can see above, the Timbre is a different kind of dock all together!  This isn’t your normal sound dock found in your local accessory outlet, its a complete and different iPhone dock.  It makes use of a completely different type of sound which is propelled through glass bowls that actually do make sound!  You can move them around on the wood surface to create different tones and sounds.  Its one of the coolest iPhone Sound Docks you might have ever seen, however there are others that are also just as weird and wacky if not more!

  • 2. iBamboo Sound Dock Doesn’t require electricity!

i bamboo dock

These speakers are indeed a cool idea!  They require no energy at all.  They simply propel the sound even louder and give your audience high sound quality.  You can get different materials which then make different tones.  They have plastic, glass, bamboo, and others!  Its just another awesome idea.  Continue reading for more awesome sound docks!

  • 3. Gram-iPhone Gramophone Horn To Amplify Music


This is another cool set of iPhone Sound Docks that can be used with your iPhone or iPad.  It requires no electricity at all and its also really cool because the sound quality is different then any other iPhone dock every seen!

  • 4. KitSound Dock For iPhone Bluetooth Wireless


The smooth base sound of this KitSound is wireless via bluetooth.  It’s a sound dock, but you can still use your iPhone to change songs wirelessly within your hand!  The speakers design is not the only thing that sets apart with the honeycomb design, but its sound is incredible.  It has some of the best tones in the ultra-portable category of iPhone sound docs.  The nice thing about this sound doc, is that if you upgrade, your iPhone will always work, because the dock doesn’t have a slot that will only work with certain devices.  The KitSound is compatible with anything that can stream audio via bluetooth!

  • 5. Trumpet iPhone Speaker Attachment Dock Assembly


These iPhone Sound Dock speakers are some of the coolest speakers because not only are then powerless, but they have a lot of power!  The horn and trumpet style of these, make an interesting arraignment in your living room whenever you want to listen to some music, or watch a movie.  it can be especially useful if you wanting to watch a movie with some people.  This dock music extension uses the same technology that was used many years ago on old record players.  It is not seen utilized today in this dock arraignment for the iPhone.  If you don’t have the money for any of these, you can simply make your own via LifeHackers DIY Speaker amplification guide found here:  DIY iPhone Speaker Amplification.


There is a sound dock for nearly every style.  You just look, and they have it!  We hope you appreciate these cool designs.  If you are looking to purchase one of these cool speakers, simply go to Amazon, or Google and type in the type or name listed above that you want.  You will see all the different options listed.

From the weird to the wacky, we will continue to review iPhone accessories.

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