Samsung Smartwatch Is A Flop, An Anti-revolutionary Product At Its Best!


The news circulating on the recent smart watch flop by Samsung and their new Samsung Smartwatch is exactly what I predicted earlier last month!

If you go to my post about Samsung Smartwatch Fail Or Win, you will see that I already foretold the fail, now you can see on CNBC the exact same predictions coming true today!

The Smart watch isn’t anything special as I said earlier last month.  The entire smartwatch idea isn’t really smart at all and can be seen in the lack of numbers seen in sales and social virility of the new “watch.”  Samsung thought that they could make a serious change in the industry with their new Smartwatch, but to be honest, it doesn’t function well, and doesn’t even look that awesome.

Not only does it look bad, but its thick, bulky, and requires weird hand movements to even use in the first place!  Why did Samsung even launch this anti-revolutionary product?


It’s anti-revolutionary because it does nothing different.  On top of that, it does nothing better.  It doesn’t solve any problems we have in our everyday lives, and if you bought the Samsung watch, lets hope you can find something useful in it!  it’s not a problem solver, a problem maker!

But we thought the computer was a dumb idea and look at it now?


Yes, this is true, but the computer solved a problem!  It filled a gap in the technology sector that was not filled.  It helped us in many ways.  Because of this, it was revolutionary and became successful.  The problem with the Smartwatch is that it truly complicates life and defeats the purpose of itself.  The reason I stopped using a watch, is because I had a smartphone which could do the same thing that the watch did; tell the time.  The watch kept me tied to a device.  The smartphone actually gave me freedom.  It also did even more things and did it well.  The Smartwatch does less, and does it worse!

If you believe in evolution, which I personally don’t, then you could visualize yourself turing back into a monkey, or into a previous evolutionary phase.  This examples proves true as the smartphone decides to go back in time to a watch.  Of coarse this is a metaphor for the stupidity of Samsung’s recent release, but its also the truth!  Tell me I’m wrong?

What mobile device gets things done more efficiently?  The Smartphone, or the Smartwatch?  If your honest, you will say the smartphone, because its obvious.  The Smartwatch idea is a train wreck as CNBC reported today, and its true!  It throws a bunch of features together and does nothing different.  The Smartwatch makes simple tasks even harder, which really defeats the purpose of new technology.  Its nearly as useful as a useless box.  (They actually do make such a thing too:  Useless Box).

Wearables are apparently a sector that is growing, but it doesn’t mean the “Smartwatch” fills the gap properly.

galaxy-gearNot only is it a useless wearable box, but its a sad turn for Samsung.  Samsung has churned out some quality smartphones in the past, but with the increase in demand for wearables, Samsung thought the smart watch would be a great idea.  Sadly its turning upside down into one of its worst products.  If Samsung had thought it out better, it wouldn’t have launched this product!  Now Apple seems to rise above as the only steady tech company that truly offers products that are useful.

People claim that Apple didn’t do anything different in the recent iPhone 5S update, but they did.  They upgraded to 64-bit processing, added a Co-proccessor for the first time, increased battery life, were the first to give us fingerprinting technology, and on top of all that sold more then any previous iPhone launch.

The tech-battle continues to rage between Samsung and Apple as the iPhone continues to sell better then any phone ever.  Staggering reports indicate that over 9-millions iPhones were sold on the first weekend.  It looks like Apple is winning the tech battle.

Samsung’s recent ads also seem to be scaring people! (Samsung Smartwatch Ads Creeps People With Puppets).

The Smartwatch seems to be a flop, but what are your thoughts?  Do you think that a wearable object like the watch can ever become a successful tech product?  Please share your thoughts below.



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