Leaked Images Indicate An iPad Mini 2 In Gold With Touch ID!


These leaked images and pictures show the Apple iPad Mini 2 with Touch ID and in a gold color.  The iPhone 5S and 5C recently launched and has boasted over 9 million sales reported via BusinessWeek.  A lot of this success was derived from Apple’s new innovation; Touch ID Fingerprint technology.  This same technology will make it to the iPad soon.  Just today via a report from DoNews chinese publication, we see the iPad mini 2 presented in real pictures featuring Touch ID.  The iPad mini is also seen in Gold color which is new for the iPad lineup from the past.  It seems to be the most believable news since the iPhone 5S has launched with Touch ID and a gold color variation.  Apple will update the iPad Mini soon with Touch ID and a Gold color variation as these leaked images below indicate.


We recently saw the rendered images showing the iPad Mini 2 in Gold with Touch ID, however we have never seen any real images or non-rendered images portraying the iPad Mini 2 in Gold with Touch ID.  This recent leak via DoNews featured these two images.  The first one shows the gold ring around the home button which indicates Touch ID functionality.  You can also see the cord in the pictures which indicates the same lightening connector configuration that Apple has switched to for charging.  The color also seen in the picture is Gold with a white digitizer.

This combination of Gold and White does work, however the color combination could handle some improvements.   The back of the iPad 2 mini can be seen below in Gold.


The iPad mini 2’s back will feature a all Gold read shell anodized in gold color.  This is not real gold of coarse, but if you want to feel rich, the gold may trick a few people at first.  The speaker grates as seen in the image above are similar to the original iPad mini.  The letters “iPad” are still present, but a little hard to see in this picture.  While Apple will most likely make a Gold iPad mini 2, we don’t know for sure if the iPad seen above is an actual pre-production unit from Apple.  It could be a color kit that someone installed onto their iPad mini and then edited some aspects to make it look like the “real deal.”  The source, DoNews was reported by RedmondPie  and seems fairly reputable for these images.

Apple will be hosting an event says many sources on the 15th of October.  RedmondPie first released the source indicating that the iPad Mini 2 may be released on the October 15.

Here at Vault Feed, were sure that the iPad Mini, if produced in Gold, would sell like hot cakes!  The iPhone 5S that was just recently launched is not unavailable in gold.  You will be waiting until some time in October for the firsts sights of another 5S in gold.  Actual sales on the gold iPhone 5S version have out-estimated most previous guesses on the 5S’s sales. This same “craze” for the “gold” will most likely continue with the iPad mini 2 releases with gold as an option.  This seems especially possible after the release of Apples Profit numbers this past weekend:  Apple Sold 9 Million iPhones In One Weekend!

Another reason you will want the iPad mini 2, is it will feature a Retina display, more memory, and a faster processor!  Stay tuned into the Vault Feed tech blog for more news on the iPad Mini 2 and it’s developments!

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